Role of the CIO ahead of Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Bill Berutti, BMC Software offers his opinion on how retailers must prepare for possible outages, and cyber attacks, and the challenges that lie ahead for the CIO specifically in this challenging weekend. Retailers are gearing up for the biggest shopping day of the year – Black Friday and Cyber Monday – with online sales expected to hit […]

Dell Putting Security at Risk with Rogue Root Certificates

Dell Putting Security at Risk

A second security issue has been found in Dell devices. The new problem – similar to the first – could leave users’ personal information vulnerable, researchers backed by the US government said. Dell said it had again released a fix, after doing the same for the first problem earlier this week. In response to this […]

Targeted by Hackers in a Credit Card Breach

Hackers in a Credit Card Breach

Major customer data breach due to malware in their POS system, and many other high-profile hotel breaches recently (Starwood, Trump Hotels)  – where are the hotels going wrong? This week also saw the discovery of one of the most sophisticated retail PoS malware ever, ModPos, just in time for the holiday shopping season. Are we […]

DDoS Attack on the San Jose PD Website and IT Assets

DDoS Attack on the San Jose PD

San Jose, Calif., city officials confirmed a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on the San Jose Police Department website and possibly other IT assets, making services unavailable to users. According to reports, the attack began as early as last Thursday, Nov. 5, and was said to be resolved early this week. As a San […]

Mega Security Breaches in 2014

Mega Security Breaches

The number of data breaches that have happened since 2005 is larger than most people realize. With dozens happening every year and increasing in frequency from year to year, this has been a huge problem for corporations for over a decade. Companies like Target, Anthem, and Living Social lose millions of customers’ data every time […]

Best Disaster Recovery Technology is Useless without the Correct Practices Behind it

Best Disaster Recovery Technology is Useless

Provider advises that without correct practices, DR technology can be money down the drain Without proper practices in place behind them, even the most sophisticated disaster recovery solutions could prove to be unfit for purpose according to disaster recovery (DR) specialists Databarracks. Peter Groucutt, managing director at Databarracks, comments: “Business continuity is the responsibility of […]

Sharing Insights on Brazilian Cyber Underground

Brazilian Cyber Underground

Unique local cyber-attacks and international cooperation with criminal groups in Eastern Europe, unsound government security and vague legislation, theft of money and private data, direct offensive ops on local victims and criminal-to-criminal services. For the first time Kaspersky Lab shares its intelligence on the human side of underground cyber-criminal activity. The first report in the […]