Penetration Testing Tools to Break into the Networks

Penetration Testing Tools

Cyber attackers are repurposing penetration testing tools to break into the networks of small and medium-size businesses worldwide with the goal of infecting Point-of-Sale systems with malware. The new attack campaign started in September and has been dubbed operation Black Atlas by researchers from antivirus vendor Trend Micro. Travis Smith, senior security research engineer at […]

More then 650,000 Customers Data has been Breach

Data has been Breach

It has been reported that pub chain JD Wetherspoon has been hit by a data breach that has affected more than 650,000 customers. While JD Wetherspoon has not confirmed the details of the breach, it suggests that an ‘old database’ used by the company’s previous website was attacked and personal information, such as customer names […]

Six Million Homes could be Suffering from Slow Broadband Speeds

Slow Broadband Speeds

Telecoms regulator, Ofcom has said that six million homes could be suffering from slow broadband speeds as a result of putting up Christmas lights, placing Wi-Fi hubs close to microwaves, or near lamps or by installing baby alarms. Professor Will Stewart from the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) have the following comments on it. […]

Destroying Hard Drives

Destroying Hard Drives

Byron Rashed, Senior Director of Marketing, Advanced Threat Intelligence for InfoArmor explains the process of destroying hard drives, and recovering data, in light of reports that the recent San Bernardino, California, attackers did just that to cover their tracks. Byron Rashed, Senior Director of Marketing, Advanced Threat Intelligence for InfoArmor : “The erasure of data […]

Who is Responsible for Cyberbullying?

Who is Responsible for Cyberbullying?

ESET Ireland’s latest survey reveals people believe the bullies and their parents should take responsibility for cyberbullying. Is it the education? The schools? The Gardaí? Online websites? Social media? The victims themselves? Who should bear the brunt of responsibility for cyberbullying? According to the last survey commissioned by ESET Ireland and carried out by Amárach […]

Personal Information has been Accessed without their Consent

Accessed without their Consent

It seems like a lot of consumers don’t know when their mobile data has been accessed without their consent. 29 percent of the mobile users surveyed admitted they do not know when their personal information has been accessed without their consent. I don’t think we’d get similar responses if we asked mobile users to identify […]