Almost a Quarter of Brits Bank Online with no Protection

Brits Bank Online with no Protection

A new survey carried out by ESET®, a global pioneer in proactive protection for more than two decades, which examined the online banking habits of at least 1000 Internet users in the UK, has revealed that while more than half of Brits (59%) use online banking services, 11 percent do so without any security protection […]

Avoid Falling Foul of Cyber Santa Attacks this Christmas

Cyber Santa Attacks this Christmas

For many Black Friday heralds the official start of Christmas shopping season. And if past years are anything to go by there will likely be some impressive bargains to be had.  For shoppers opting to use online websites rather than bricks and mortar stores, the phrase Caveat Emptor – or Buyer Beware should be front-of-mind. […]

A Brief History of Ransomware

A Brief History of Ransomware

Ransomware’s Early Days The first documented and purported example of ransomware was the 1989 AIDS Trojan, also known as PS Cyborg. Harvard-trained evolutionary biologist Joseph L. Popp sent 20,000 infected diskettes labeled “AIDS Information – Introductory Diskettes” to attendees of the World Health Organization’s international AIDS conference. But after 90 reboots, the Trojan hid directories […]

Security Starts at the Top

Security Starts at the Top

Recent data breaches such as the Ashley Madison1 and TalkTalk2 sagas have painted a very grim portrait of the state of corporate data protection, but also a very honest one. The root cause of many of these high profile breaches comes down to simple human error. Businesses need to understand, educate, and put in place, […]

Mutating Malware and Data Center Blind Spots in 2016

Data Center Blind Spots in 2016

Predictions for the coming new year always abound. While no one has a crystal ball, I have the benefit of talking to a lot of security teams. Last year around this time, I held forth that HTTP/2 and TLS 1.3 would be disrupting the Internet in 2015. While HTTP/2 adoption is only now starting to […]

Scammers Impersonating Microsoft

Scammers Impersonating Microsoft

During this holiday season, hackers are increasing their efforts to contact consumers in a variety of ways. They are currently using robo calls to contact people saying they are from Microsoft and have found malware on your computer. By simply allowing them to take over your computer for a minute, they tell unsuspecting consumers that […]

Seven Poor Security Habits to Laugh At

Security Habits to Laugh At

As we enter into the final month of 2015, let’s vow to make 2016 the year we really are good about our tech security. You may think you’re doing everything in your power to protect your personal information, but the truth is, identity theft is becoming ever more common, and a lot of us have […]