2015 Security Biscuit

When it comes to taking the security biscuit for 2015, I believe the recent discovery of a security flaw in FireEYE deserves the award for bringing the matter of Security Complexity to our operational attention. However, I do wish to clarify up front that this is by no means a dig at the product in question. In […]

Top IT Security Threats in 2016

Top IT Security Threats in 2016

Netwrix sums up top seven security trends that will drive IT strategy and investment in 2016 While the number of announced data breaches in 2015 is lower compared to 2014, the volume of compromised accounts increased dramatically, exposing more personal data than ever before. With more hidden attacks using advanced techniques to bypass security mechanisms, […]

Banks, Step Up: Sensitive Data is at Stake

Dear editor, The latest hack to create a storm with the media and analysts alike is that of a large bank in the United Arab Emirates, reported to be Invest Bank. With large amounts of data, including tens of thousands of customer files, now in the public domain, it’s easy to see how the hack […]

Accessing Hillary Clinton Campaign Vote File Data

Hillary Clinton Campaign Vote File Data

Tripwire commented on news that a Bernie Sanders staffer accessed data unique to the Hillary Clinton campaign’s vote file. [su_note note_color=”#ffffcc” text_color=”#00000″]Tim Erlin, Director of Security and Product Management at Tripwire : “It sounds like a misconfiguration of the access control between campaigns. There are definitely tools that companies can use to monitor databases for […]

Bring Down Xbox and Playstation Networks at Christmas

Xbox and Playstation Networks at Christmas

Hacker group, Phantom Squad, have tweeted threats to bring down Xbox and Playstation this Christmas using Distributed Denial of Service Attacks. The hackers have already claimed responsibility for other outages on the gaming platforms earlier this year, as well as a recent Reddit outage. Tyler Reguly, Manager of Software Development at Tripwire have the following […]

Top Transformative Technology Trends in Networking for 2016

Transformative Technology Trends in Networking for 2016

The Year 2015 has seen organizations disrupting their markets with the digital transformation of their businesses as they embrace 3rd Platform computing and New IP networking strategies that have helped them become leaders in new markets. Moving into 2016, more businesses are expected to leverage smart machines and transformative technologies to give them a clear […]

Data Breach that Data Erasure could have Prevented

Data Erasure could have Prevented

Comments from Pat Clawson, CEO at Blancco Technology Group on potential causes of the breach and the measures that could have been taken to prevent it. Pat Clawson, CEO at Blancco Technology Group : How could this have been prevented? Is there any valid reason for this database not to have been securely erased when […]

Ashley Madison App is Rebouncing to Pre-Hack User Numbers

Pre-Hack User Numbers

Latest AVG Android™ App Performance & Trends Report finds surge in dating apps usage and outlines Top 10 resource-draining apps Despite its high-profile data breach and very public fallout this summer, the controversial dating app Ashley Madison is bouncing back to pre-hack user numbers, according to the findings of the latest Android App Performance & […]

Why you Should be Doing More about your Company’s Data Security

Company’s Data Security

In September, CVS/pharmacy finally confirmed that it had been hit by a data breach of the third-party vendor that operates its photo-printing site. This breach, along with similar breaches at Costco Wholesale and Walmart, resulted in the exposure of consumer credit card information. The news, while widely reported, didn’t make the headlines the way the Target and […]