Undetectable HTTPS Bicycle Attack

Undetectable HTTPS Bicycle Attack

Researchers at Raytheon|Websense have offered advice to end users and businesses on the HTPPS Bicycle Attack, which raises questions over the resilience of passwords. Discovered by Guido Vranken, the HTTPS Bicycle attack can result in the length of personal and secret data, such as passwords and GPS co-ordinates, being exposed from a packet capture of a […]

Rules against Weakened Encryption

Rules against Weakened Encryption

Following the announcement from the Dutch government that strong encryption is essential for the security of the country, encryption expert Dr Nithin Thomas said why creating back doors or weakening technology must be avoided. Dr Nithin Thomas, Co-Founder and CEO of SQR Systems : “The decisive announcement from the Netherlands to maintain strong encryption and […]

HMRC Phishing Season Opens in January – Consumers Overrun with Scams

HMRC Phishing Season Opens in January

New research highlights attitudes to personal security on the Internet in the lead-up to online tax return self-assessment deadline at end of January As ten million people prepare to complete their tax returns online in January, British citizens are being bombarded with scams. Forty per cent have received phishing emails which appeared to be from […]

The Most Common Ecommerce Security Mistakes — And How to Avoid Them

If there is one concern that all ecommerce site owners share, it’s security. A major security breach could prove fatal to a small business, thanks to the costs associated with reimbursing customers, paying fines, investigating the breach, and fixing security lapses. In fact, the vast majority of small businesses that fall victim to a data […]

We Need a Safe and Secure Future for Payments

Safe and Secure Future for Payments

The combined effect of the 2008 financial crisis and security breaches has decreased consumer trust more than ever before. The payments industry as a whole must work to increase consumer trust in new payments innovations in order for new systems to be adopted by the banks and card issuers alike – only then will consumers […]