Security experts: Research 1 in 5 employees would sell passwords

perfect password animation

Research finding issued by SailPoint Technologies with its annual Market Pulse Survey – included findings that: a) one in five employees surveyed would sell their security passwords for the right price, b) 65% of respondents used a single password across multiple applications, and c) one in three employees purchase SAAS applications without informing IT, d) […]

Expert Comments on Apple’s iMessage Flaw

apple's imessage flaw

Apple’s iMessage system has a cryptography flaw that allowed researchers to decrypt a photo stored in iCloud, the Washington Post reported on Sunday. Here to comment on this news is Security Experts from Tripwire. Tim Erlin, Director, Security and IT Risk Strategist at Tripwire: “When researchers and software companies work in partnership around security research, […]

Organic Denial of Service, When DoS Isn’t an Attack


Denial of service attacks are so common now that “DoS attack” hardly needs explanation, even to the lay person. The phrase “DoS attack” instantly conjures images of banking sites that refuse to load, and gaming consoles unable to connect. The other instant reaction is to think of the attackers such as Anonymous, the Qassam Cyber […]