The Pros and Cons of Active and Passive Drone Countermeasures

The Use of Drones

 The rapid development of drone technology and growing awareness of their potential threat has lead to a burgeoning drone detection market. Technology providers offer reliable detection mechanisms, but now organizations face a new challenge: How do you respond to an alert? Each drone countermeasure has its own pros and cons, and choosing the right one […]

Add Anti-Ad: Kaspersky Lab Launches New App for iOS

Kaspersky Lab today announces a new application for iOS called AdCleaner – a free extension for Safari that automatically blocks advertising banners, links and popup windows in web pages opened by the user. This makes using the mobile browser easier and more secure. Today’s mobile users are accustomed to fast Internet speeds and quick access […]

Attempted Hack on SportPursuit

ISIS Hacker

SportPursuit being hit by hackers over the Easter weekend and potentially losing customers’ bank card details. Here to comment on this news is security expert Jason Andrew, GM & VP at BMC Software. Jason Andrew, GP and VP EMEA, BMC Software “What this news reinforces is that robust cyber security should not be a ‘bolt-on’ or afterthought for businesses […]

Kaiten Returns More Powerful Than Before

Kaiten malware

Linux/Remaiten combines capabilities of two previous versions of bots and adds a unique spreading mechanism able to infect embedded devices. ESET researchers have spotted a new and improved version of Kaiten, an Internet Relay Chat (IRC)-controlled malware typically used to carry out distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. The remastered malware has been dubbed “KTN-Remastered” or “KTN-RM”, […]