Seculert’s Javelin Attack Simulator Reveals Serious Gaps in Organizations’ Perimeter Defenses

Outbound Attack Simulator Uncovers80 Percent of Web Gateway Solutions Miss 80 Percent of Malicious Outbound Communication Seculert, the leader in attack detection and analytics, today announced new findings that 80 percent of secure web gateways installed by Fortune 1000 companies miss 80 percent of malicious outbound communications. The critical gaps in organizations’ defense systems were […]

Tips to Help Users Feel Safe Online and Minimise Possible Risks to their Privacy


Violation of our ‘personal space’ while online is a huge concern. However, the Waze exploit is only a small issue part of a much wider concern – being tracked online. According to the ‘Are you cyber savvy?’ quiz from Kaspersky Lab, 41% of consumers are uncomfortable with websites tracking their location and online activities, yet do nothing about it. Our habitual […]

ATMs Hijacked by Malware

In response to research by Kaspersky which states that ATMs can easily be hacked by cyber criminals, Mark James, Security Specialist at ESET commented below: Why are many banks still using old models of ATMS, which lack in security? “There may be many reasons for still using the older insecure models but one of the […]

Business Email Compromise: When Hackers (and Competitors) Attack


You surely don’t need us to tell you that business email compromise (BEC) attacks are on the rise. But are you aware of how dramatic the increase has been? The FBI released an alert on April 4 that included some sobering statistics about fraudulent wire transfer requests: Organizations lost more than $2.3 billion to these types of […]