White Hats Hack Locky Ransomware

White hat hackers have managed to break into the infamous Locky ransomware and replace the malware payload with a plain-text message that reads ‘Stupid Locky’. Richard Beck, Head of Cyber Security at QA, commented on this news below: Richard Beck, Head of Cyber Security at QA: “Today’s ‘Stupid Locky’ story sounds like a good old fashioned Robin Hood story. […]

Expert Comments on Proof-of-Concept PLC Worm that could take down Power Plants and Utilities

A proof of concept worm demonstrated at BlackHat Asia shows that the programmable logic controller (PLC) worm could be a disaster for power plants and other utilities. David Meltzer, Chief Research Officer for Tripwire provides an insight below. David Meltzer, Chief Research Officer, Tripwire: “This research shows how serious the risk is to industrial environments.  While […]

Encryption; Friend of Freedom, Guardian of Privacy

The issue of government access to private encrypted data has been in the public eye since the San Bernardino shootings in December, 2015. When an iPhone was found the FBI requested that Apple write code to override the phone’s security features.  The FBI was ultimately able to decrypt the phone without Apple’s assistance.  However, the […]