Google Suffers Third Party Data Breach

In light of the news today that Google has suffered a data breach via a third party benefits provider, Barry Scott, CTO, EMEA Centrify commented below. Barry Scott, CTO, EMEA Centrify: “Whilst the Google breach resulted from an email error, it highlights the risks posed by third parties. When it comes to IT security, you are […]

Ensure Your Managed Cloud Provider Delivers On Cloud Security

Organisations are acutely aware that the risks to their online services and data today are greater than ever – and growing fast. According to the 2015 Information Security Breaches Survey, 90% of large organisations, and 74% of small businesses suffered a security breach in 2015, an increase on both 2013 and 2014 figures.[1] This statistic, […]

6 Common Phishing Attacks and How To Avoid Them


Phishing attacks have cost US companies somewhere between £508m and £1.43bn over the past two years, as clear a signal as any that email scams are to be taken seriously. While perhaps the most familiar phishing scam, ‘deceptive phishing’, is a simple case of hackers sending fake emails which appear to be from trustworthy companies […]

Experts Comments on Data Breach at British Retailer Kiddicare

kiddicare data breach

British retailer Kiddicare has suffered a data breach in which the personal details of nearly 800,000 customers have been stolen. The company said that the data had been taken from a version of its website that had been set up for testing purposes at the end of 2015. Customers have reported suspicious text messages that […]

How to Train Your Employees in Online Security

Many of history’s online security breaches can be traced back to human error. All it takes is one wrong click before you realize that email contained a well of trouble, and the repercussions are just beginning to snowball up the chain. You see, cyber attackers target a company’s lower-level employees. And they do so with […]