Security Breach

Following a security breach like the recent ‘’ hack, the security impact of such exposure isn’t limited to an individual’s personal details; it can also have serious financial and reputational implications for the company. Customers that entrust their private information to an online provider should be able to rest safely in the knowledge it is […]

Experts Comments on Government Finding that 2/3 of Businesses Hit by Cyber Breach

Government research into cyber breaches has found that two thirds of large UK businesses were hit by a cyber breach or attack in the past year. The Cyber Security Breaches Survey (2016) urges British businesses to protect themselves from the growing threat of cyber attack. Here to comment on this news are security experts from Barracuda Networks, Digital Guardian, Intel […]

Gov Research Reveals Lack of Cyber Preparerdness

Following the government’s new Cybersecurity Breaches Survey revealing how unprepared most UK businesses are for cyber attacks, cyber security expert Jens Puhle commented on this news below. Jens Puhle, UK Managing Director of 8MAN: “One of the most shocking revelations in the Government’s research is the fact that just 10 per cent of UK businesses have […]

Utilities Must Stand Up to the Growing Threat of Cyber Crime

Our increasing dependence on technology and web-based communication has opened the door for cyber security threats. Cyber criminals are on the increase, and energy and utility companies are high value targets. Technology and data have completely transformed the power and utilities sector, allowing companies to use information to improve and expand services, and better engage […]