DDoS For Hire: Interfering With A Business For $5

Think about what you could do with five dollars. You could get dinner for yourself at McDonald’s, so long as you don’t upsize the fries. You could buy a toy for a dog. You could get half of a low quality haircut. Or you could take a website offline, causing both short term and long […]

Expert Comments on UK’s Decision To Leave The EU

The UK’s decision to leave the EU has left many questioning what this means for their business. The decision has brought a huge amount of controversy and questions remain about how this will impact how we work; from data locality to data protection. There below a number of comments from technology businesses about what they believe the impact of Brexit […]

Hacker Holding Healthcare Organisations To Ransom While Selling Their Data

Following the news about a hacker is advertising hundreds of thousands of alleged records from healthcare organisations on a dark web marketplace, including social security and insurance policy numbers, while also holding the organisations to ransom. IT security experts from Tripwire and MIRACL commented below. Travis Smith, Senior Security Research Engineer at Tripwire: “The next stage of […]

Half Of CEOs Have Already Fallen Victim To Phishing Scams

But most IT security professionals are still not training them – leaving their organisations at risk of fraud and ransomware Almost half of those who work in the IT security industry (49 percent) believe that their CEO or executives have fallen victim to targeted phishing scams, according to new research conducted by Unified Security Management™ and […]

67 Percent Of Used Drives Sold On eBay And Craigslist Hold Personally Identifiable Information And 11 Percent Contain Sensitive Corporate Data

Blancco Technology Group Study Uncovers Exposed Social Security Numbers, Financial Data, Resumes, Company Emails, CRM Records and Spreadsheets Ecommerce sites are reselling used electronics without permanently erasing data from them, according to The Leftovers: A Data Recovery Study released by Blancco Technology Group. Based on an analysis of 200 second-hand hard disk drives and solid state drives purchased […]

Forewarned Is Forearmed

Cyber threats are evolving, fast. From social engineering to exploring the dark web for company specific information, even placing rogue individuals into an organisation as employees, criminal gangs are embarking upon increasingly targeted attacks. The implication for organisations is serious: while the tools employed by IT teams to secure the business are increasingly sophisticated, they […]

Huge CCTV Botnet Uncovered

In response to the news that security researchers have discovered a massive network of hacked CCTV cameras which is being used to bring down computers around the world, security experts at Imperva and Prpl Foundation commented below. Igal Zeifman, Senior Manager at Imperva: “Security cameras are among the most prevalent and least protected IOT devices. Moreover, many have high upload […]

World Saved From Nuclear Disaster

Annual cybersecurity event challenges experts and acts as a model for industry HackFu, an annual cybersecurity challenge hosted by MWR InfoSecurity, came to a dramatic conclusion on Saturday 11th June. This year taking place within Newhaven Fort, on the South Coast of England, the event saw over 100 security experts working together, both remotely and […]

EU Referendum Petition Hijacked By Bots

Following the news about an online petition calling for a second EU referendum has been hijacked by automated bots adding false signatures. The House of Commons petitions committee said it had removed 77,000 signatures and was investigating. Javvad Malik, Security Advocate at AlienVault commented below. Javvad Malik, Security Advocate at AlienVault: “Bots come in various […]

Phishing Attacks Hurt Convenience Of Online Banking In The Workplace

One of the most common ways people become a target for fraud is through phishing – falling victim to fraudulent emails posing as legitimate sources. With mobile banking now a staple of smartphone use and paperless banking being touted by financial institutions, confidential financial data has never been more vulnerable, for both banks, businesses and consumers alike. […]