Less Than 10% of Internet of Things (IoT) Products Have Adequate Security According to Practitioner Survey

Reveals call for minimum security standards  IOActive, Inc., the worldwide leader in research-driven security services, today released the findings of the IOActive Internet of Things (IoT) Security Survey, completed by senior security professionals earlier this year[i]. While the IoT era of products brings innumerable advances and modern conveniences to the lives of consumers, the connected […]

ACI Worldwide Simplifies and Expedites Secure eCommerce Payments for Global Merchants

ACI unveils UP eCommerce Payments solution, empowering merchants to increase conversion rates  NEW YORK and LONDON—June 2, 2016—ACI Worldwide (NASDAQ: ACIW), a leading global provider of real-time electronic payment solutions, will unveil the next generation of eCommerce payments today at the eCommerce Disruption Opportunity executive summit. UP eCommerce Payments empowers merchants and the payment service providers (PSPs) that […]

Five Tips For Building Your Outsourced Field Service Strategy

Adapting to rapidly changing technology is key to keeping up with – or even outrunning – competition. But sometimes internal staff don’t have the time or skills to manage complex IT infrastructure of office technology, making it necessary to seek out a supplement to your business’ IT department. The good news is there are a […]

Researchers Crack A New Version Of CryptXXX ransomware

Proofpoint researchers have detected a new version of thw CryptXXX ransomware that introduces several updates and improvements, all of which increase the risks associated with this threat. In fact, shared network resources are now far more vulnerable to encryption by a CryptXXX-infected PC with the introduction of network scanning via SMB. CryptXXX is evolving fast – the […]

Leo Taddeo Comments On Hacker Selling 65 Million Passwords From Tumblr Breach News

In the response to the news that Tumblr breach that now has 65 million passwords for sale on the DarkWeb, Leo Taddeo, CSO, Cryptzone commented below. Leo Taddeo, CSO, Cryptzone: The sale of large sets of stolen social media credentials should concern all cybersecurity professionals because the data is often used to mount highly effective spearphishing […]

The Death Of The Password Is Upon Us

Technology has afforded consumers terrific conveniences, and with that, consumer patience has gradually dwindled. We now expect frictionless, real-time access to information, applications and networks. In light of the emphasis on convenience and the consumer experience, the traditional password is losing its foothold as the standard in authentication. Consumers no longer have the patience to […]

Device Hijacking Security Flaws Identified in LG Mobile Handsets

Given the security flaws Checkpoint recently identified in LG mobile devices, David Jevans, Vice President of Mobile Security at Proofpoint commented below. David Jevans, Vice President of Mobile Security at Proofpoint: These vulnerabilities could be exploited to trick you into downloading malicious apps, you could receive phishing screens with fake logins which can steal your passwords, or your device could be locked and all data deleted! It’s […]

Expert comments on North Korea link surfaces In SWIFT Banking Attacks

 In the response to the news that evidence is emerging of links tying a spate of Asian bank breaches involving the SWIFT network to North Korea’s malicious hacking Lazarus Group Leo Taddeo, Chief Security Officer at Crytzone commented below. Leo Taddeo, Chief Security Officer at Crytzone: Investigators should be cautious in assigning responsibility for the recent attacks on […]

New Windows Zero Day Exploit For Sale At $90,000 On The Dark Web

Following the news that new Windows zero-day exploit that’s up for sale on the dark web for $90,000. Carbon Black’s chief security strategist provides below an insight on this news. Ben Johnson, chief security strategist, Carbon Black:   “Zero-day exploits such as this are particularly problematic, as traditional security solutions like anti-virus rely on blacklisting – they have […]