Comments on Theft Of NRL Former Players’ Medical Records

Following the news about theft of  NFL former players’ medical records, security experts from VASCO and Balabit commented below. Michael Magrath, current Chairman, Director of Healthcare Business at VASCO Data Security: “This is a clear example that healthcare breaches are not isolated to healthcare organizations.  They apply to employers, including the National Football League. Teams secure and protect […]

Russian Banking app malware goes social Targets multiple banks and WhatsApp users

During a regular hunt for malware, our researchers came across an interesting malicious Android app that portrayed itself as an online app for the reputable Russian bank Sberbank, which is the largest bank in Russia and Eastern Europe. There have been various attempts made in past to attack Sberbank of Russia and due to the ubiquitous nature of […]

NetFlow Monitoring and Analysis: The InfoSec Professional’s Guide

A Brief Introduction to NetFlow NetFlow is data generated by network devices – routers, switches, firewalls, etc. – that contains information about the data that’s moving through the network. The term NetFlow is often used generally to refer to this type of information, but “NetFlow” is actually proprietary to Cisco. Other vendors have their own […]

The Hackers Who Stole $45 Million

Kaspersky Lab experts and Sberbank, one of Russia’s largest banks, worked closely with Russian Law Enforcement Agencies in an investigation into the Lurk gang that has now resulted in the arrest of 50 people. Those detained are suspected of involvement in the creation of infected computers networks that resulted in the theft of more than […]

sFlow and Network Security: Understanding the Tradeoffs

sFlow, which is short for “sampled flow,” provides an industry standard for exporting truncated packets with interface counters. The sFlow Agent is a software process that runs as part of the network management software within devices, such as routers or switches. The sFlow agent packages the data into sFlow datagrams that are immediately sent on […]

Expert Comments on Newly Discovered Irongate Malware

Security expert John Smith commented on the news of newly discovered Irongate malware which aims to disrupt core Industrial systems.                                                                       […]

Q1 2016 Sees 93% of Phishing Emails Contain Ransomware

PhishMe’s Analysis of phishing campaigns in first three months of 2016, shows an intensified 789% year-over-year spike in malware and phishing threats Leesburg, (Va. USA) & London (UK) : PhishMe, a global provider of phishing-defense solutions for the enterprise, today revealed that its analysis of phishing email campaigns from the first three months of 2016 has […]

An Increasingly Mobile Workforce Exposes US Businesses to Data Security Vulnerabilities


U.S. business leaders are unprepared for the increased threat to information security that comes with flexible office environments, according to the 2016 Shred-it Security Tracker information security survey. The study shows that leaders are not providing the protocols and training needed to ensure customer and competitive information remains secure in a mobile work environment. With the […]