DNC Hacked By Russian Government Hackers

In response to the news that Russian government hackers penetrated the Democratic National Committee (D.N.C), the security experts commented below. Adam Laub, Sr VP of Product Marketing at STEALTHbits Technologies: “Political stances and consequences aside, this situation highlights the inherent dangers of “Shadow IT” whereby end users or business units within an organization leverage technology outside the purview and […]

McAfee Labs Report Reveals New Mobile App Collusion Threats

Delayed software updates enable cybercriminals to exploit mobile apps; Pinkslipbot Trojan returns with new capabilities  NEWS HIGHLIGHTS McAfee Labs identifies more than 5,000 versions of 21 consumer mobile apps containing colluding code capable of a variety of malicious activities New strain of Pinkslipbot Trojan features anti-analysis and multi-layered encryption New ransomware grew 24% quarter-over-quarter in […]

Siri’s Move To Mac OS & Third Party Apps Highlights IT Security Concerns

Apple has announced that Siri will be coming to the next Mac OS, and for the first time the digital assistant will be compatible with third party apps such as WhatsApp and Uber. Ipswitch has just commissioned a survey with FreeForm Dynamics that found, as virtual assistants are given more access to operating systems and apps that […]

Proofpoint Stops Social Media Customer Service Phishing With Industry-First Protection

Patent-pending social media security protects brands and customers from targeted Angler Phishing attacks that involve fake customer care accounts designed to steal customer credentials London, UK.  Proofpoint, Inc., (NASDAQ: PFPT), a leading next-generation cybersecurity company, today announced new functionality that safeguards customer service interactions on social media. Available today, Proofpoint Angler Phish protection is the first solution to […]

Anonymised Authentication For SaaS, Cloud Or On-Prem Applications Without The Need For Passwords Now A Reality

Secure Cloudlink – SaaS Providers Edition eliminates password proliferation, improving revenues, application security and the user experience  A new solution that not only reduces the risk of cyber attacks, but also cuts development and support costs through the elimination of passwords, has been launched for SaaS solution providers. Secure Cloudlink – SaaS Providers Edition has […]

Police Officer Sentenced For Leaking Sensitive Data

Following the news that a Thames Valley police officer has been sentenced for leaking confidential material including witness statements to his father, Justine Cross regional director at Watchful software commented below. Justine Cross, Regional Director at Watchful Software: “The police officer sentenced for sending confidential police material to his father demonstrates the need for much tighter […]

New Study Finds Businesses Fighting ‘Sudden Death’ From DDoS Attacks

A10 Networks reports that companies suffer an average of 15 DDoS attacks a year A10 Networks (NYSE: ATEN), a leader in application networking and security, today announces a new report with IDG Connect, “DDoS: A Clear and Ever Present Danger.” The report, which surveyed 120 IT decision makers at large organisations, finds businesses locked in combat […]

Another Flash Zero-Day Exploited In Targeted Attacks

Following the news that another Flash zero-day is being exploited in the wild and users have days to wait for a fix, Gavin Millard, Technical Director EMEA at Tenable Network Security commented below. Gavin Millard, Technical Director EMEA at Tenable Network Security: “It’s becoming ever more critical that organisations reduce their reliance on Flash within the […]

Expert Comments on Microsoft Patches for the Month of June

As Microsoft has released their patches for the month of June,  Adam Nowak, Rapid7 Active Lead Engineer at Rapid7, has provided his commentary below. Adam Nowak, Rapid7 Active Lead Engineer at Rapid7: “June continues an on-going trend with Microsoft’s products where the majority of bulletins (7) address remote code execution (RCE) with elevation of privilege as a close second (6); the […]

Flocker Android Ransomware Hits Smart TVs

Following the news that Flocker Android Ransomware is now infecting Smart TVs, experts from PRPL Foundation, Imperva, Proofpoint and MIRACL, commented below. Cesare Garlati, Chief Security Strategist at the prpl Foundation: “There is not really anything special about this attack; the malware operates in the same way to other malware on Android devices and we have seen a few […]