China’s Cyber Espionage Threat Dwindles

In September 2015, China agreed to a series of accords with the US, UK, and G20 barring Beijing from conducting cyber-enabled economic espionage with parties around the world. Since, the key question has been: is China complying with those agreements? FireEye analysed the activity of 72 China-based cyber threat groups since early 2013 and found […]

Govt Recommends Cutting CEO Bonuses For Cyber Breaches

Following the TalkTalk breach the Department for Culture, Media and Sport has now issued a cyber security report recommending a variety of new measures including penalties for CEOs when preventable breaches occur. Charles White, founder and CEO of cyber risk specialist IRM commented below. Charles White, Founder and CEO at IRM: “After many years of issuing best practice […]

Check Point Research Shows Malware Families Targeting Corporate Networks Continues to Grow

Threat research for May 2016 shows a continuing rise in the number of active malware families attacking business networks; banking malware increases  Check Point㈢ published its latest Threat Index, revealing the number of active global malware families increased by 15 percent in May 2016. Check Point detected 2,300 unique and active malware families attacking business networks […]