Three Steps To Create A Bulletproof Cybersecurity Strategy For Government Agencies

The list of critical data stored by government agencies is endless. From credit card data, passport numbers, drivers’ license numbers and tax information, government agencies are storing vast amounts of data that create the perfect treasure trove for hackers to exploit. What’s more, with strict regulations being enforced to ensure that organisations not only keep […]

LastPass Zero Day – Experts Comments

A security researcher called Tavis Ormandy found a zero day affecting LastPass, a popular password vault, meaning millions of users may be at risk until the problem is patched.  Security experts from Lieberman Software and AlienVault commented below: Jonathan Sander, VP of Product Strategy at Lieberman Software: “One thing that’s interesting about the LastPass zero-day […]

Multiple Flaws In Osram IoT Lightbulbs

Security researchers have discovered nine separate vulnerabilities in internet-connected lightbulbs made by Osram, four of which remain unpatched. The flaws include the app storing an unencrypted copy of the user’s wifi password and allowing the attacker to turn the lightbulbs on and off without permission. There are also flaws in the ZigBee hub device which relays commands to the lightbulbs. […]

Pokemon Go App Puts Users’ Data At Risk

Following the news that Pokémon Go app is putting users’ data at risk, Richard Stiennon, Chief Strategy Officer at Blancco Technology Group commented below. Richard believes that the app, as well as the platforms it connects to (Facebook and Google), have a responsibility to adhere to strict data privacy guidelines such as the upcoming EU GDPR. […]

Could O2 Have Prevented Recent Data Breach?

In response to the recent scandal whereby O2 users found their data up for sale on the dark web, Richard Stiennon, Chief Strategy Officer for Blancco Technology Group believes that claiming they have been a victim of ‘credential stuffing’ is an insufficient excuse when attempting to compensate for the fact that their customers’ data has been leaked […]

The Cybersecurity “Skills Gap” Only Exists If People Are The Answer

The Problem of Unfilled Cybersecurity Jobs is that Attack Volume has Made Those Roles Feel Futile Every day when I scan my news feed I find a new article describing a stunning scarcity of qualified cybersecurity professionals. Most recently, a study by global recruiting firm Robert Half entitled “Cybersecurity – Protecting Your Future” found that […]

Kimpton Hotels Disclose Data Breach

Kimpton Hotels, a boutique hotel brand that includes 62 properties across the United States, said yesterday it is investigating reports of a credit card breach at multiple locations. Security Experts commented below. George Rice, Senior Director, Payments at HPE Security – Data Security: “Once again with last night’s news of a data breach at Kimpton Hotels, we see […]

Global Study Reveals Businesses And Countries Vulnerable Due To Shortage Of Cybersecurity Talent 82 Percent Of IT Professionals Confirm Shortfall In Cybersecurity Workforce

NEWS HIGHLIGHTS New report by Intel Security and CSIS reveals current cybersecurity talent crisis in Australia, France, Germany, Israel, Japan, Mexico, U.S. and U.K. Cybersecurity skills shortage is worse than talent deficits in other IT professions. Shortage in cybersecurity skills is responsible for significant damages. Talent shortage is largest for individuals with highly technical skills. […]

Wireless Keyboard Threats

Following the news of wireless keyboards being easy to intercept, David Emm, principal security researcher at Kaspersky Lab commented below. David Emm, principal security researcher at Kaspersky Lab: “The recent news of wireless keyboards being easy to intercept demonstrates that, while wireless products provide convenience, as with any digital device that is connected to the internet, if it […]

Guccifer 2.0: All Roads Lead To Russia

Joe Uchill with The Hill, who has previously covered Guccifer 2.0 and the Wikileaks DNC data dump, has provided us with redacted information on his communications with Guccifer 2.0 that has raised our confidence in our current assessments and hypotheses. ThreatConnect follows Guccifer 2.0’s French breadcrumbs back to a Russian VPN Service Read the full […]