Dropping Elephant: Cyber-espionage Group Hunts High Profile Targets With Low Profile Tools

In February 2016, following an alert from a partner, Kaspersky Lab’s Global Research and Analysis Team began an investigation. It quickly became clear that a threat actor, likely operating from India, was undertaking aggressive cyber-espionage activity in the Asian region, targeting multiple diplomatic and government entities with a particular focus on China and its international […]

Sport Teams And Events Are Easy Targets For Hackers

With a sports packed summer upon us, including WImbledon, Euro’s and the Olympics, 2016 really is a year of sport. But as sports teams, organisations and tournaments embrace mobile, cloud and analytics, how does this open them up to cyber attacks and hackers? What do hackers want from these targets and how do they plan […]

Can The Software Community Do More To Protect User Security?

Following a series of breaches to remote access providers, RealVNC’s COO Adam Byrne looks at whether the wider software community can do anything more to protect users. Recent weeks have seen several major security incidents involving more than one remote access provider. The exact nature of these malicious attacks are not totally clear, but there […]

Phishing Campaign Targets ISPs To Get To Customers

It has been discovered that ISPs around the world are receiving fake copyright infringement notices and settlement demands in hopes that ISPs will pass it on to their customers. Lamar Bailey, Senior Director of Security R&D for Tripwire commented below. Lamar Bailey, Senior Director of Security R&D at Tripwire: “Phishing attacks are become very sophisticated and […]

Game Of Thrones Pirates Targeted With Phishing Scam In UK, US And Australia

Internet service providers are reportedly being targeted by a new phishing scam related to Game of Thrones pirates. According to Torrent Freak, the fake notices are being sent to ISPs in the US, the UK and Australia with the scammers claiming to be working on behalf of right holders, including HBO. Mike Patterson, founder and CEO Plixer, has […]

Expert Comments on Privacy Shield Agreement Approved By European Governments

Following the news that European governments have approved the Privacy Shield agreement, Richard Lack, Director of Sales EMEA at Gigya commented below. For some background, Gigya works with brands such as Coca-Cola and Dell to help them establish mutually beneficial relationships with their customers and correctly store customer data. Richard Lack, director of sales, EMEA at Gigya: […]

A Phishing Scam Being Sent via ISPs Is Targeting GoT Downloaders

Internet service providers are reportedly being targeted by a new phishing scam related to Game of Thrones pirates that is more extensive than previously thought. The fraudsters are peppering various ISPs around the world, including UK, US and Australia, with copyright infringement notices and settlement demands in hope the ISP will pass it on to its […]

Researchers Spot Malware in Encrypted Traffic

A group of Cisco researchers have managed to spot malicious traffic in encrypted traffic without any need to decrypt data. The discovery could pave the way for products that can secure networks while maintaining privacy. Peter Kosinar, Researcher at ESET commented below. Peter Kosinar, Researcher at ESET: “The findings in the paper are certainly interesting and […]

Wendy’s Breach 3x Scope Previously Reported

Following the news about Wendy’s breach 3x scope previously reported, Brad Bussie, Director of Product Management, STEALTHbits commented below. Brad Bussie, Director of Product Management at STEALTHbits: “Based on the information coming out of Wendy’s, a different and difficult strategy should be considered. What they have shown over the past six months is that the […]