Securing The Healthcare Industry With End-To-End Encryption

The easily accessible, highly valuable nature of healthcare records is seeing people’s most personal data becoming increasingly accessible to cybercriminals. No other single record bank contains as much Personally Identifiable Information (PII) as that held by healthcare organisations, which makes this data invaluable to hackers. Nowhere else are hackers able to get their hands on […]

How Mobility Can Replace Inefficient Process

For many organisations, cross-platform mobility will be their biggest investment in 2016. It is considered to be revolutionising how businesses manage processes and remain efficient in very competitive environments. However, with the increased use of modern technology, businesses have failed to manage their work processes in the most effective manner. As a result, essential business information has […]

Why LinkedIn Is A Hacker’s Prime Target

Professional social networking site LinkedIn has proven to be a valuable business tool, bringing together professionals from all over the world. But few corporations grasp the security risks that the use of LinkedIn represents. The main problem is not with the LinkedIn website’s own digital security but with a widespread corporate ignorance of the way […]

NCA Cyber Crime Report

Following the NCA report that came out saying hackers are winning the cyber arms race, IT security experts from AppRiver and Verizon commented below. Troy Gill, Manager of Security Research, AppRiver: “There are two main reasons why companies don’t report data breaches: they’re either ignorant of the breach or fearful it will cost them customers, drastically reducing […]

The Olympics – Gold Medal Event For Hackers

Based on past Olympics and other large events, security researchers are predicting that the Olympics in Rio will present hackers with a prime opportunity to fleece athletes and visitors alike. For large events, hackers set up fake websites with everything from travel to tickets. Tim Erlin, Senior Director of IT Security and Risk Strategy for […]

Keeping Your ERP Systems Secure In The Cybercriminal World

When business-sensitive data is hacked or leaked the consequences can be disastrous for an organisation. ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems can be particularly attractive targets for hackers because to a cybercriminal they look like honeypots of valuable data. Whether that data is customer credit card details, business financial data or intellectual property, if cybercriminals obtain […]

Cyberattacks: Is Your Business Protected?

With social engineering now a bigger threat to businesses than hacking, spamming or DDOS attacks, Jason Fry – Managing Director at PAV i.t. services – a company that works with clients across the UK providing technical solutions including training to prevent hacking and data security breaches – discusses how businesses can safeguard themselves from falling […]

HummingBad: Chinese Malware Infects 10 Million Android Devices

Experts estimate more than 10 million Android devices around the world have been infected by the Hummingbird malware, which is linked to a Chinese company. David Jevans, VP of Mobile Security, Proofpoint commented below. David Jevans, VP of Mobile Security at Proofpoint: “Android consumers cannot tell if an app is malicious or in this case, if […]