“Let The Games Begin”: Malware Is Off And Running

In just a few weeks, thousands of athletes and fans from around the world will gather in Rio de Janeiro for one of the world’s most widely anticipated international sporting events, the Olympics. However, as one of the most popular events, the Olympics also entices cyber criminals and scamsters to take advantage of unsuspecting users […]

AlgoSec Automatically Discovers And Maps Business Application Connectivity

New capabilities support business-driven approach to security policy management AlgoSec, the market leader for Business-Driven Security Policy Management, today announced the availability of AlgoSec AutoDiscovery. An integral component of AlgoSec’s industry-leading security policy management solution, AlgoSec AutoDiscovery automatically identifies all business applications and services based on actual traffic flows, and generates an up-to-date connectivity map […]

Pokémon Go Hit By DDoS Attack

Pokemon Go login servers were hit by hackers with a DDoS attack, leaving players frustrated and unable to log into the game. In light of this news, Paul Heywood, MD EMEA, Dyn, the Internet Performance expert commented below, on best practice for businesses when it comes to preparing for DDoS attacks.  Paul Heywood, MD EMEA at Dyn:   “Since the […]

Legitimate Remote Access Software Used To Propagate Lurk Gang Trojan

While researching the dangerous banking trojan, Lurk, Kaspersky Lab security experts have found that criminals behind this malware used legitimate software for infection purposes. While unsuspecting users were installing legitimate remote access software from a software developer’s official website (ammy.com), they unwittingly had malware leaked onto their machines. The Lurk gang was arrested in Russia in […]

SQL Injection Exposes 2 Million Ubuntu Forum Users

Ubuntu Linux developer Canonical has admitted that the data of 2 million of its forum users has been compromised, following the exploitation of a known SQL vulnerability. The flaw was found in the ‘Forumrunner’ add-on, which was left unpatched. User passwords have not been breached, but the attacker had access to the usernames, email addresses and […]

New Ransomware Study Explores “Customer Journey” Of Getting Your Files Back

In F-Secure’s evaluation, three out of four ransomware criminal gangs were willing to negotiate the ransom fee. Berkshire, UK. Ransomware criminals actually care about your convenience. That’s according to a recent experiment detailed in a new F-Secure report, Evaluating the Customer Journey of Crypto-Ransomware and the Paradox Behind It. The experiment involved evaluating the “customer experience” […]

Massive DDoS Attck Brings Down Pokemon Go

Following the news that hacking group PoodleCorp has taken responsibility for taking down Pokemon Go in the US and Europe using a DDoS attack, Stephanie Weagle, Senior Director at Corero Network Security commented below. Stephanie Weagle, Senior Director at Corero Network Security: “The online gaming industry is highly susceptible to DDoS attacks due to the competitive […]