Cloud Backup The Key To Securing Businesses Against Ransomware Downtime

Following Cisco’s 2016 Midyear Cybersecurity Report shining a spotlight on ransomware and drawing attention to the importance of improving ransomware detection or “Time to Detect (TTD)”, Andrew Stuart MD EMEA at Datto Inc commented below. Andrew Stuart, MD EMEA at Datto Inc: The presence of ransomware on a system can cause significant downtime, which can incur massive losses; companies […]

Rio Games: Watch Out For Card Fraudsters And cybercriminals

LONDON .  As nearly half a million of fans descend upon Rio de Janeiro this summer, visitors and residents alike need to be aware of fraudsters and cybercriminals, warns ACI Worldwide (NASDAQ: ACIW), a leading global provider of real-time electronic payment, banking and fraud prevention solutions. Brazil has among the world’s highest rates of debit and credit card […]

Barclays To Abolish Telephone Banking Passwords

Following the news that Barclays is abolishing passwords for its telephone banking customers, Richard Lack, Director of Sales EMEA at customer identity management experts Gigya commented below. Gigya works with brands such as Coca-Cola and Dell to help them create mutually beneficial relationships with their customers. Richard Lack, Director of Sales EMEA at Gigya:  “The news that Barclays […]

What Business Needs To Know About Ciphers

When it comes to encryption, there are usually two perspectives in any organization outside of IT or infosec. Those who are concerned with compliance/SSL Labs/green padlocks, and those who are mostly unaware of HTTPS encryption. Increasingly, consumers and businesses alike are choosing selecting services and partners based on HTTPS encryption. More importantly, tools like SSL […]

What You Going To Do When The Nation- State Hackers Come For You?

It’s a well-known fact that nation states have almost unlimited cyber powers. Nation states with unlimited military resources, technical know-how and political motivation gave rise to the infamous APT (“Advanced Persistent Threat”), meaning that an adversary with enough resources and motivation has the ability to hack anyone, regardless of their security mechanisms. While both an APT campaign […]

Access Management Doesn’t Need To Be Technical, Aggravating Or Complicated

In a traditional work environment, most employees worked onsite, in the office. While this is still common today, many also work remotely — either on the road or from their homes. This is also true in the education industry. One of the biggest trends in higher education is completing online courses and degrees. Often, going […]

Accelerated Public Safety Concerns Of Connected Cars Need To Be Addressed

A phone on wheels Buoyed by today’s smart cities and the need for the world’s 1.2 billion motor vehicles to be able to navigate the world’s streets more safely, there has been a substantial rise of what is commonly referred to as the ‘connected car’. In fact, some 12 percent of all cars on the […]