TP-Link Receives Fine From FTC

Following news that TP Link was slapped with a fine of $200k from America’s broadband regulator, the FCC , for breaking rules set on radio frequency, Cesare Garlati, chief security strategist for the prpl Foundation commented below: Cesare Garlati, Chief Security Strategist at Prpl Foundation: “I am not surprised to see one more vendor breaking the […]

Vulnerability Found In Telegram SMS Authentication

Following the news that Iranian security researchers finding vulnerability in Telegram’s SMS authentication.  Mark Loveless, Senior Security Researcher with Duo Labs commented below.  Mark Loveless, Senior Security Researcher at Duo Labs: “Reports suggest that the Telegram accounts in Iran were compromised through what appears to be coordination between attackers and cellphone companies, and taking advantage of the fact that […]

123-Reg Hit By Cyber Attack

Following the news that email and website hosting provider 123-Reg suffered what it has described as a “huge scale” DDoS attack, Dave Larson, Chief Operating Officer at Corero Network Security commented below. Dave Larson, Chief Operating Officer at Corero Network Security: “DDoS against hosting providers, or the tenants they serve are a daily occurrence. While most […]