Blizzard’s Servers Knocked Offline Following Massive DDoS Attack

Following the news that Blizzard’s servers have been knocked offline following massive DDoS attack, Stephanie Weagle, Senior Director at Corero Network Security commented below. Stephanie Weagle, Senior Director at Corero Network Security: “In the fast-moving world of online gaming, just the shortest of service disruptions can be devastating.  The impact of DDoS attacks can be incredibly […]

Ruckus Internet Routers Have Major Security Flaws

Tripwire researchers have found that organizations using Ruckus internet routers may be at risk of compromise, particularly when the access points are used to provide customers with Wi-Fi access. IT security experts from ESET and Lieberman Software commented below. Mark James, Security Specialist at ESET: “The need to keep costs down to continue to sell products into a […]

Scammers Evolving: Top 5 Most Sophisticated Olympic Scams We’ve Seen So Far

There’s a sucker born every minute. And for each sucker there are hundreds of scammers waiting to take advantage of them. Now, with the Olympic Games fast-approaching, fraudsters are lining up to take advantage of unwitting consumers interested in attending or simply sharing in a little bit of the excitement from the comfort of their […]

Frequing Obvious – The Things You Discover When You Test RF Networks

In my work as a penetration tester for SureCloud, I’m often asked to look at unusual, out-of-the-ordinary vulnerabilities.  This was the case when a major UK financial institution asked us to test for vulnerabilities in its radio frequency (RF) networks, looking at its WiFi networks, digital mobile radio (DMR) systems, cordless DECT phones, Bluetooth devices […]

Malware Found In 75% Of Top 20 US Commercial Banks

US financial organizations are at increased risk of falling victim to cyber attacks, according to a new report by cybersecurity rating and continuous risk monitoring firm SecurityScorecard. The firm’s research revealed that 75% of the top 20 commercial banks in the US were infected by malware. Lamar Bailey, Sr. Director, Security R&D at Tripwire commented below. […]

New Jeep Cherokee Hack

Following the news that the two researchers who hacked the Jeep Cherokee car last year during BlackHat have now hacked it again with a similar attack, Paul Farringdon, senior solution architect at application security specialists, Veracode commented below. Paul Farringdon, Senior Solution Architect at Veracode:  “With security researchers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek’s latest connected car hack enabling […]

UK Card Fraud Losses Climbed 18 Percent In 2015

It has been reported that UK card fraud rose a staggering 18 percent in 2015, the sharpest rise across the whole of Europe. The UK, Denmark and France stand to benefit the most from additional security measures for card payments, and additional investments from merchants and issuers. Further, 10 of the 19 European countries monitored suffered more card […]

Everybody On The Floor, This Is A Data Breach

So it might not be immediately apparent but when I am not hacking things and complaining about the lack of security in businesses, I also do mundane things. I tidy the house, I go shopping for soy milk and vegetables, I have recently adopted running and when i’ve done all the basics of life, I […]

Smart New Twitter Phishing Tool Snags 2 In 3 Users

Twitter scammers have a new weapon with the release of an effective spear phishing tool that lands a victim almost two thirds of the time, dwarfing the usual five-to-fifteen-per-cent-open-rate for spam tweets. The SNAP_R machine learning spear phishing Twitter bot is a data-driven menace unleashed at the Black Hat security conference that is capable of […]

Banner Health Breach

Following the news about banner health breach, IT security experts from Balabit, InfoArmor and VASCO Data Security commented below. Csaba Krasznay, PhD, Product Manager at Balabit: Although worldwide data protection laws emphasize the highest levels of care for healthcare data, hospitals usually don’t have sufficient money and expertise to get their IT infrastructure’s security aligned with […]