Quadrooter Flaws

A series of vulnerabilities were found that would allow an attacker to gain full control of an Android device that is manufactured with a Qualcomm chip, known as the Quadrooter flaws. Black Duck discusses this flaw and the challenge that users face in protecting their code throughout the supply chain. Mike Pittenger, VP of Security […]

Security Flaw Discovered In Samsung Pay

Security researcher Salvador Mendoza recently discovered a security flaw in Samsung Pay and discussed it during his Black Hat talk in Las Vegas. Basically Samsung Pay generates tokens each time a transaction is made. The idea is that this will mask the credit card information so that in the event it is intercepted, the details can’t be […]

Strider Hackers Launch Targeted Espionage Malware Campaign

Security researchers have found a previously unknown hacking group, Strider, that has been carrying out cyber espionage-style attacks against selected targets in Russia, China, Sweden and Belgium. In response to this news, IT security experts from Lieberman Software and ESET commented below. Jonathan Sander, VP of Product Strategy at Lieberman Software: “In uncovering the Strider […]

Mutating Ramsomware

Researchers at Forcepoint Security Labs are helping businesses fight back against a known malware actor with persistent monitoring and effective mitigation for the JavaScript-based ransomware, “NELocker”. Carl Leonard, Principal Security Analyst at Forcepoint commented below. Carl Leonard, Principal Security Analyst at Forcepoint:  “A new JavaScript-based Nemucod ransomware, created by a known malicious actor, using legitimate command line utilities like […]

Oracle’s Payments Unit Breached

Following Brian Krebs’ report on a data breach at Oracle’s MICROS Point-of-Sale Division, Thomas Pore, Director of IT at Plixer commented below how the attacks worked, the perils of third party risk and what what we should learn from this breach. Thomas Pore, Director of IT at Plixer: “While phishing has proven to be very effective, what if attackers […]

Symantec Discovers Strider, A New CyberEspionage Group

Following Symantec’s discovery of Strider, a previously unknown cyberesionage group, security experts commented below. Leo Taddeo, Chief Security Officer at Cryptzone: “The report issued by Symantec shows the benefits of sharing cyber threat intelligence.  By linking the behavior and characteristics of the malware deployed by the Strider group to previous malware examples deployed by Flamer, cybersecurity […]