Half of Vehicle Vulnerabilities Could Allow Cyber Attackers To Take Control

Three-year study by IOActive that has found half of vehicle vulnerabilities could allow cyber attackers to take control of a vehicle – and 71% are ‘easy to exploit’  Jon Geater, CTO, Thales e-Security commented below. Jon Geater, Chief Technology Officer at Thales e-Security: “With around 100 million lines of code and the computing power of over 20 […]

How Password Pitfalls Are Paving a New Path For Security

Richard Parris, CEO of digital identity expert Intercede, explores how recent high-profile cyberattacks have created an urgent need for service providers to find a new, more effective approach to security When we leave the house in the morning, we close the windows and lock the doors. We worry that, in our absence, someone might be […]

Met Police Still Running 27000 PCs On Windows XP

The Met is currently using 27,000 computers running on Windows XP. For the last two years, XP has no longer been supported by Microsoft, opening up security flaws. IT security experts from Lieberman Software and ESET commented below whether using the out of date system is actually a security risk. Jonathan Sander, VP of Product Strategy […]

Android Security Model Has Challenges

Following the news that Check Point uncovered and announced a new Android vulnerability, Spencer Cobb, VP of Strategy & Business Development at Cyber adAPT commented below Spencer Cobb, VP of Strategy & Business Development at Cyber adAPT: Not to be cavalier, security is important! But for Android it’s not unexpected, the os itself has a multitude of well documented security issues, […]

Dota 2 Forum Breach – 2 Million User Accounts Leaked

The breach of Dota 2 forum, which saw 2 million user accounts leaked? Barry Scott, CTO, Centrify Corporation at Leader in Identity Management commented below. Barry Scott, CTO, Centrify Corporation at Leader in Identity Management: “The Dota 2 breach was apparently done using an attack that has been known about for a long time called […]

Delta Grounding

Delta grounded all its flights worldwide yesterday claiming a power outage in Atlanta caused the system to go down. The power company said when the Delta systems went down, it took down the power. Still others speculated that it might be a hack. Dwayne Melancon, CTO at Tripwire commented below. Dwayne Melancon, CTO at  Tripwire: […]

Hilton Hotel Mailout Mistaken For Phishing Scam

Hilton Hotels recently sent out an email to customers that looked so much like a phishing attempt that its own IT support team advised customers it was a scam. Agari, a specialist in helping companies secure emails against phishing and cybercrime commented below. Patrick Peterson, Founder and Executive Chairman at Agari: “This incident at Hilton […]

New Wireless Hack Can Unlock 100 Million Volkswagens

Up to 100 million cars could be unlocked and potentially stolen by simply copying the radio frequency used in remote control locking systems, computer scientists say. IT security experts from MIRACL and AlienVault commented below. Brian Spector, CEO at MIRACL: “These vulnerabilities demonstrate the serious problem of verifying the identities of people using the connected […]

Combatting Linux Security Risks with Automation

Lieberman Software Webinar Explores the Growth of the Linux Platform, the Rise of Cyber Attacks Against Linux and How to Defend Against These Threats with Scalable, Automated Security LOS ANGELES. The growth of Linux in the enterprise has accelerated rapidly since the launch of Amazon Web Services (AWS) 10 years ago. Linux is widely adopted […]

Dota 2 Forum Hacked, 2 Million Users Breached

Hackers have breached the official developers forum of Dota 2, stealing the details of almost 2 million users including usernames, emails, user identifiers, passwords and IP addresses. The hackers reportedly exploited a SQLi vulnerability in the forum’s vBulletin software. The hashed passwords used the outdated MD5 algorithm, which was declared ‘cryptographically broken and unsuitable for further use’ […]