Breach Of Data Protection Law

Donald Trump’s golf resort in Scotland has admitted a breach of data protection law, having failed to register with the UK Privacy Watchdog, the ICO. In response, Richard Stiennon, Chief Strategy Officer at  Blancco Technology Group commented below. Richard Stiennon, Chief Strategy Officer at Blancco Technology Group: “This is really worrying, not only because it supports […]

5 Threats that can Compromise Your Back-up Data

For sure, every techie in the land lives by these words by heart: backup data—regardless if it’s active or archived data. It’s considered a sacrilege of sort not to have storage systems in place. However, this doesn’t mean it’s the end of the line for IT security. Back-up data can still be targeted as criminal […]

Yet Another Inevitable Breach? The Sage Case And What We Can Learn From It

The British software company Sage suffered a breach according to multiple reports that can be found here, as well as here (and probably more). The breach resulted in the exposure of sensitive employee data of 200-300 companies working with the Sage product. “We believe there has been some unauthorized access using an internal login to the data of […]

A New Wireless Hack Can Unlock 100 Million Volkswagens

Volkswagen drivers are facing another issue with their vehicles as, not only has Volkswagen left its ignition vulnerable, but researchers have discovered that the keyless entry system that unlocks the vehicle’s doors can also be hacked, affecting all cars sold since 1995. Rob Miller, Head of Operational Technology at MWR commented below. Rob Miller, Head […]

Expert Comments on Sage Software Firm Hit By Data Breach

UK-based accounting software firm Sage has reportedly suffered a data breach. The attacker is thought to have used an internal login to access personal details of employees at around 300 companies. It is currently not clear if the data was merely viewed, or if it was stolen. IT security experts  commented below. Adam Bangle, Vice President […]

Kaspersky Lab Announces Threat Intelligence Feed App For Splunk

Customers can now integrate real-time Threat Data Feeds from Kaspersky Lab into their security operations by leveraging the Threat Intelligence App for Splunk.  Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Data Feeds were launched earlier this year as part of Kaspersky Security Intelligence Services. Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Data Feeds provide customers with up-to-date information about cyber-threats, such as new […]

ESET Researchers Spotted New Malware That Spreads Ad-Clicker Instead Of Ransomware

Nemucod, the Trojan that affected Ireland worst in 2016 is back with a new campaign. Instead of serving its victims ransomware, it delivers an ad-clicking backdoor Trojan detected by ESET as Win32/Kovter and is spread via email as a fake invoice. Nemucod was used in several large campaigns in 2016, having reached a 24% share of global […]

In A Connected Car World; Who Has Control Of The Wheel?

New research paper from IOActive shows half of vehicle vulnerabilities could put hackers in the driving seat  IOActive, the worldwide leader in research-driven security services, will be releasing the findings of a three year study into the vehicle cybersecurity space. The findings are detailed in a new research paper – Commonalities in Vehicle Vulnerabilities – […]