Eddie Bauer Data Breach Via Point-Of-Sale Malware

Hotel operator HEI said 20 of its hotels had been infected, Eddie Bauer said its 350-or-so stores in the U.S. and Canada had also been the victim of a malware attack. IT security experts from Proofpoint’s Threat Operations Center, ESET and Tripwire commented below. Kevin Epstein, VP at Proofpoint: “Retailers investing seriously in security must have […]

Research Finds Security Risks Prevent Consumers From “Buying” Into Mobile Banking

According to a recent report, banking customers are hesitant to use mobile features due to fraud and security concerns. The findings showed that of those not using mobile banking at all today (36 percent), more than half of them (74 percent) cited security as the major reason, which could slow the overall adoption of mobile banking services during […]

Mixed Messages

I must admit to suffering some confusion when it comes to the comments coming out of the top flight security industry providers. With a past statements made by McAfee, firmly confirming that the battle against the cyber criminals was being won by the good guys – but now set that opinion against the backdrop of […]

IP Bill Approved – Spies Allowed to Harvest Data

The Investigatory Powers (IP) bill has been given approval by David Anderson in a report. Britain’s spies should be allowed to continue harvesting large amounts of data from emails, the government’s reviewer of terror legislation said. IT security experts from AlienVault, MIRACL and Lieberman Software commented below. Javvad Malik, Security Advocate at AlienVault: “The IP Bill discussion […]

Operation Ghoul’ Targets Industrial, Engineering Companies In 30 Countries

A new wave of targeted attacks against mostly small- and midsized businesses in the engineering and industrial sectors worldwide has hit some 130 organizations thus far. Lane Thames, Software Development Engineer and Security Researcher at Tripwire commented below. Lane Thames, Software Development Engineer and Security Researcher at Tripwire: “This data illustrates how much of an upper-hand cyber criminals […]

Government Report On The Investigatory Powers Bill

In response to the announced report on the Investigatory Powers Bill by David Anderson QC, Jonathan Parker-Bray, Founder and CEO commented below. Jonathan Parker-Bray, Founder and CEO at Pryvate: “It is interesting to see this report on the Investigatory Powers Bill go live, as we have been saying for quite some time that this bill requires […]

US Elections And Donald Trump Became Hot Topics Of Spam Mailshots In Q2

In Q2 2016, the average level of spam emails in overall email traffic equaled 57.3 per cent, according to the quarterly report on Spam and Phishing by Kaspersky Lab. This is a four per cent increase compared to Q2 2015, and one per cent increase in comparison to the previous quarter. The US elections, especially […]

The Mobile Banking Revolution Has Arrived But Cyber Heists May Ensue, Warns The Bunker

Banks must balance risk with reward as new mobile banking requirements are announced  The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has announced changes in the banking industry that will enable customers to access the details of their entire finances through a single mobile phone app by 2018, raising inevitable security concerns. Not only will banks have […]