Mr Robot Inspired Ransomware

Hackers have developed a ransomware inspired by hit TV show Mr Robot and named it after the fictional hactivist group ‘fsociety’. The ransomware is yet to have infected anyone and is believed to be still under development. IT security experts from Tripwire and AlienVault commented below. Craig Young, Security Researcher at Tripwire: “With the most […]

Asia-Pacific Region Has World’s Worst Cyber Security

A new study says the Asia-Pacific region (Apac) has the worst cyber security in the world. Most breaches never become public and the discovery time on average was 520 days, way longer than the global average of just 146 days. IT security experts from Tripwire, AlienVault and Lieberman Software commented below. Tim Erlin, Sr. Director, […]

Russians Reportedly Hack New York Times Reporters

Hackers thought to be working for Russian intelligence have carried out a series of cyber breaches targeting reporters at The New York Times and other US news organizations, according to US officials briefed on the matter. Tim Erlin, Senior Director of IT security and risk strategy at Tripwire commented below. Tim Erlin, Senior Director of IT […]

First Ever Twitter-Controlled Android Botnet Discovered

Security researchers have uncovered the first ever Twitter-controlled Android botnet, which acts as a backdoor to download malware onto infected devices. Dubbed Twitoor, the malicious app is not available on any official Android app stores. Researchers believe that the botnet is possibly distributed via SMS or malicious URLs. IT security experts from Imperva and AlienVault […]

Apple Zero-Day Exploits, 62% Of Employee Devices Need Patching, Stat!

Following the news that apple patching three separate zero-day exploits? Kyle Lady, Senior R&D Engineer at Duo Security commented below. Kyle Lady, Senior R&D Engineer at Duo Security: “This patch is a big one and people need to update immediately. For organisations with iPhones accessing business applications and email, which, let’s face it, is EVERY […]

Funcom Advises Mass Password Change As Data Breach Hits Forums

Players of Funcom games have been told that forums associated with four of the developer’s online games have suffered a data breach, with the studio resetting all passwords as a precaution. The news was delivered via emails to affected players and a notice on the studio’s website, with the Norwegian company claiming forum accounts on,, and had been “compromised by […]

WhatsApp’s Move To Share Personal Data

Following the news that WhatsApp’s public move to start sharing users’ personal data, including phone numbers to parent company Facebook, Jonathan Parker-Bray CEO and Founder at Pryvate commented below on the potential security concerns this raises.  Jonathan Parker-Bray CEO and Founder at Pryvate: “Over a billion WhatsApp users are currently being notified of a significant change to WhatsApp’s privacy […]