UK An Attractive Target For DDos Attackers

Following the news about how the UK can stop being so attractive to DDos attackers, Stephanie Weagle, Senior Director at Corero commented below. Stephanie Weagle, Senior Director at Corero: “What makes the UK such an attractive target for DDoS attackers, over and above other countries (only the US got DDoS’sed more)? “DDoS attacks have become […]

Don’t Be The Weakest Link: Protecting Your Supply Chain From Targeted Malware Attacks

Every senior manager knows that falling prey to a malware attack could yield catastrophic results. But what if that malware spread beyond your own systems, taking your partners, customers and supply chain down with you? Cybercriminals have been busy over the past year, carrying out an alarming number of malware attacks varying the payload from […]

Apple Release Emergency iOS Update For 3 Zero-Days

A sophisticated piece of malware has exploited three different unknown vulnerabilities in Apple’s iOS operating system that would allow attackers to get full control of an iPhone. Government hackers have been caught using the never-before-seen malware/iPhone spy tool in an unprecedented attack never before seen in the wild. Apple have release an emergency update which […]

Dropbox Resetting Old Passwords

Following the news that Dropbox is resetting passwords that haven’t been changed since 2012, Charles Read, Regional Director – UK, Ireland and Benelux at OneLogin commented below. The comment looks at how, despite it being a positive move to come from a vendor as large as Dropbox, for a truly secure environment, the implementation of […]