Zscaler Find New Exploit Kits Leveraging Vulnerabilities In Web Browsers

Overview: This is the second in a series of blogs collecting the recent activity of the current top exploit kits. Exploit kits are rapidly deployable software packages designed to leverage vulnerabilities in web browsers to deliver a malicious payload to a victim’s computer. Authors of exploit kits offer their services for sale, distributing malware for […]

Brazzers Porn Forum Hack

Following the news, regarding the data breach from a forum closely related to popular adult website Brazzers, which exposed the details of 800,000 users. Jon Geater, Chief Technology Officer, Thales e-Security commented below. The leak, which was disclosed by a breach notification website called vigilante.pw, contained 790,724 email records in total, alongside forum usernames and even […]

School Ransomware – A Threat To Be Aware Of

Every day brings news stories about ransomware attacks on schools.  ESET Ireland offers some tips on handling this threat. The full list is available on ESET Ireland’s blog. Criminals know that the data under the care of schools are very valuable to students and staff, and this makes them a potentially lucrative target. By taking the time to prepare […]

HSBC Introduces Selfie Authentication

Following the news that HSBC is to introduce selfie authentication to business customers, IT security experts from ACI Worldwide,  Yoti and Mindtree commented below. Lu Zurawski, Solutions Practice Lead, Consumer Payments EMEA at ACI Worldwide: “It appears that the banking industry may be ready to branch away from rigid PINs and password challenges, with the move towards “selfie pay” the […]

Critical Infrastructure: A Role Model To Protect Businesses?

After many years of working with clients trying to protect industrial systems – from oil refineries to railway systems – one thing is clear: critical infrastructure needs special attention. Like all companies, industrial facilities depend on computers and software, but the range of technological solutions used is very different from a typical office. You can […]