Hutton Hotel Multi-Year Breach

Following the news about Hutton Hotel Breach, Brian Laing, VP Products and Business Development at Lastline commented below. Brian Laing, VP Products and Business Development at Lastline: “It is hard to tell the specifics afflicting the Nashville Hutton Hotel, but the Hotel disclosure did state, ‘Findings from the investigation show that unknown individuals were able […]

Gugi Banking Trojan Outsmarts New Android 6 Security

Kaspersky Lab experts have discovered a modification of the Gugi banking trojan that can bypass new Android 6 security features designed to block phishing and ransomware attacks. The modified trojan forces users into giving it the right to overlay genuine apps, send and view SMS, make calls, and more.  It is spread through social engineering […]

Business Leaders Revealed As Biggest Risk To Information Confidentiality And IP Integrity In Mid-Market Companies

Research finds business leaders put reputation and long-term success at risk by not following protocol London, UK. Although they handle their organisation’s most confidential and sensitive information, mid-market MDs and CxOs could be the weakest link when it comes to safeguarding that information. Research into information management and security practices in the mid-market commissioned by leading storage and […]

HSBC Allows Customers To Open Accounts With A Selfie

Following the news that HSBC is rolling out a new system where customers can open a bank account with a selfie. Hans Zandbelt, Senior Technical Architect at Ping Identity commented below. Hans Zandbelt, Senior Technical Architect at Ping Identity: “The banking industry is a beacon of best practice when it comes to implementing new identity-defined […]