Chrome Update Prevents Quantum Computers Cracking Encryption

Google has released a beta test version of its Chrome browser aimed at preventing quantum computers from cracking encryption. It is testing a new technology called CECPQ1, which will be injected into a few HTTPS sites, offering much stronger protection. Kevin Bocek, Chief Security Strategist at Venafi commented below. Kevin Bocek, Chief Security Strategist at Venafi:  “Whenever the NSA urges […]

DDoS Strikes More Than Once: 8 In 10 Companies Attacked Multiple Times

Portmap Attacks

The Corporate IT Security Risks 2016* study shows that for the majority of victims, DDoS attacks are not a one-off occurrence, with many companies subjected to multiple attacks in the last year. This just goes to show how important constant preventative measures are to ensure uninterrupted operation of online services during an attack. DDoS attacks […]

VW Teams With Cybersec Experts

Volkswagen launches new cybersecurity firm to tackle car security – The automaker is partnering with Israeli cybersecurity experts to stay on top of digital threats to its vehicles. Rod Schultz, VP of Product, at Rubicon Labs commented below. Rod Schultz, VP of Product at Rubicon Labs: “This is a fantastic decision by VW. When done correctly, […]

Volkswagen Launches New Cybersecurity Firm To Tackle Car Security

Volkswagen has teamed up with cybersecurity experts to establish a new company dedicated to automotive security. On Wednesday, the German automaker said that the new company, dubbed Cymotive, is the result of the efforts of Volkswagen and three Israeli cybersecurity experts. Tim Erlin, Director, Security and IT Risk Strategist at Tripwire commented below. Tim Erlin, Director, Security […]

Cyber Crime Extradition Could Set New Conviction Precedent

A man suspected of hacking into US government computer systems is to be extradited from Britain to face trial, a court has ruled. Chris Hodson, CISO EMEA at Zscaler commented below. Chris Hodson, CISO EMEA at Zscaler: “This extradition ruling could well be setting a new precedent for cybercrime convictions. The penalties for cybercrime have historically been disproportionate […]