German Intelligence Services Surveillance Leak

Enterprise Applications

With the recent revelations about the extent of additional data gathering by the German Foreign Intelligence Agency (BND) from a leaked classified report written by the Federal Data Protection Commission. Jonathan Parker-Bray, Founder and CEO of encrypted communications solution at Pryvate commented below. Jonathan Parker-Bray, Founder and CEO at Pryvate: Given the regular revelations about the surveillance activity of nation […]

New Check Point Research Reveals Enterprises Battling 9x More Unknown Malware; Employees Download New Malware Every Four Seconds

Employees Resign

Phishing attacks continue to rise in volume and impact in 80 percent of businesses surveyed, with hackers preferring email and social engineering to deliver threats San Carlos, CA .  Check Point® Software Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: CHKP) today published findings from two research projects, the Check Point 2016 Security Report and Exploits at the Endpoint: SANS 2016 […]

Smartphone Forum MoDaCo Breached

MoDaCo; a forum specialising in smartphone and Pocket PC news and reviews, has just notified users of a data breach. MoDaCo founder, Paul O’Brien has reported the breach on Twitter:  “haveibeenpawned is reporting a data breach. We’ll post a statement later today, however be assured all passwords are hashed and salted.” In response of this news […]

Fraud In UK Soars By 53% To £755 Million In 2015

A new report from Financial Fraud Action UK has found that fraud in the UK payments industry has soared by 53% in a year, totalling £755 million in 2015. Brian Spector, CEO at MIRACL: “Given the current state of security in the payments industry, it’s inevitable that the number of cases of financial fraud has […]

Telsa Model S Hijacked Remotely

Chinese researchers have managed to control the brakes, lights and mirrors within a Tesla Model S from afar, while the cars are moving and up to 20 kilometres (12 miles) away. Brian Spector, CEO at MIRACL commented below. Brian Spector, CEO at MIRACL: “These hacks demonstrate the serious problems around identity verification in today’s connected cars. […]

Drone Hacking Could Kill, Warns Insurer

The Use of Drones

Following the news that insurance giant Allianz has warned that the increasing volume of drones in our skies could present a major cybersecurity threat, potentially even resulting in loss of life. Mark James, Security Specialist at ESET commented below. Mark James, Security Specialist at ESET: “Sadly this technology is very hard to secure. Take into […]