Google Allo And The Threat It Poses To Individual Privacy

Following the news about the Google Allo launch and the threats it poses to individual privacy, Jonathan Parker-Bray, CEO and Founder of Pryvate commented below. Jonathan Parker-Bray, CEO and Founder at Pryvate: On the surface Google Allo seems like the smart assistant that consumers have been dreaming of. It parses your messages, finishes sentences for you, suggests […]

Irish Mailboxes Still Targeted With App Store Phishing Spam

In August ESET Ireland reported an increased number of phishing emails, pretending to come from Apple’s App Store. The scam campaign is still going strong a month later! ESET Ireland has analysed a number of spam emails, that look like they are from Apple’s App Store, but actually use various faked email addresses, which claim the user has subscribed to “YouTube Music Key […]

Yahoo! Admits To Largest Data Breach In History

Following the news about the Yahoo data breach, Piers Wilson, Head of Product Management at Huntsman Security commented below. Piers Wilson, Head of Product Management at Huntsman Security: “The big worry with these attacks is not that they happen, or even the size; organisations are constantly under assault from constantly varying cyber threats with increasingly large ambitions. Rather, […]

Symantec Report On Hijacked IoT Devices For DDoS

Symantec recently released its report on IoT device attacks, IT security experts from profit prpl Foundation and NSFOCUS commented below. Cesare Garlati, Chief Security Strategist at prpl Foundation: “The nature of many IoT devices is that they are always on and always connected, making them prime targets for attackers to exploit.  If we look at the humble light […]

Yahoo’s Data Breach

Following the news about the Yahoo’s data breach, Raj Samani, CTO EMEA Intel Security commented below that why large corporations continue to fall victim to attacks of this magnitude – and why they can go undetected for so long. Raj Samani, CTO EMEA at Intel Security: “With the scale of Yahoo’s attack going undetected for […]

Dridex Is Back – With Enhancements

Throughout September, researchers at Forcepoint have been monitoring a malicious actor running an email-based malware campaign that uses a novel delivery mechanism to drop the previously hibernating Dridex Trojan. Having experienced a quiet period Dridex is back with enhancements to the technique used in the email attachment and its ability to blacklist security researchers and commercial sandboxes. […]

Hackers Publish Michelle Obama’s Passport Online

Following the news that hackers have published a scan of Michelle Obama’s passport online, Leo Taddeo, former FBI Special Agent and Chief Security Officer for Cryptzone commented below, why this hack might not pose any immediate security risk for Michelle Obama and the risks of keeping this type of information online. Leo Taddeo, Former FBI Special Agent and Chief Security […]