Hacking The Election

Hacker Intelligence

Following the news that hackers have attempted to break into more than 10 US state election databases, Tod Beardsley, Senior Research Manager at Rapid7 commented below. On top of this, he has also published a detailed blog on the hacking threats facing the US election system. Tod Beardsley, Senior Research Manager at Rapid7:  “Musings around election hacking often devolve into […]

Malware Can Now Detect Virtual Machines

Following the recent news of a new malware which is able to sniff out that it currently resides on a virtual machine, Gavin Millard,  Technical Director EMEA at Tenable Network Security commented below. Gavin Millard, Technical Director EMEA  at Tenable Network Security: “This new form of malware isn’t anything vastly different to what researchers have been observing […]

Lose A Fortune: One DDoS Attack Can Cost A Company Over $1.6M

62% Increase in DDoS attacks

According to the Corporate IT Security Risks 2016* study conducted by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International, a single DDoS attack can cost a company over $1.6 million, depending on how quickly the attack is detected. Companies of various sizes affected by DDoS attacks over the last 12 months were asked what costs they incurred as […]

The Yahoo Scandal: Post Breach

United Airlines breach

Following the scandal about Yahoo post-breach, Matt Walker, VP Northern Europe at HEAT Software commented below. Matt Walker, VP Northern Europe at HEAT Software: “Thus far Yahoo! has disclosed very little information which I find disappointing. There are a number of key questions which its users deserve to have answered. When did it first discover it had […]

UK Poised To Become Security Serious And Thwart Cyber Attacks

Nation-State Cyberattacks

Week-long event promoting cyber security offers education, dedication and celebration London (UK). Starting next week, cyber criminals could find the UK a far less easy target thanks to Security Serious – a week long campaign that aims to arm individuals and organisations with the intelligence and capabilities to thwart attacks. Data breaches – such as […]

What The Yahoo! Compromise Teaches About Password Hygiene

By now, you all have likely heard Yahoo! confirmed 500 million accounts were stolen from the company in 2014, releasing names, email addresses, personal records and more. While we are waiting on FBI to find out who is behind this massive breach, it’s an important reminder for how necessary it is to have a secure […]