Yahoo Allowing US Govt To Spy On Users Emails

Following the news about  the latest development of the Yahoo data breach that  Yahoo may have allowed US government to search user emails, Jeremiah Grossman, Chief of Security Strategy at SentinelOne commented below. Jeremiah Grossman, Chief of Security Strategy at SentinelOne: “As a security professional, my first thought on this whole situation is what a government […]

CISOs: Five Ways To Ramp Up Your Security Strategy

executing an IoT strategy

Every day, and usually without organisations realising it, their networks are being breached. With confidential information exposed to the wrong eyes, secrets can become commodities capable of ruining well held reputations. We live in a world where network incidents are so common that no one can deny their existence. As attacks proliferate, problems mount. With […]

Mastercard “Selfie Pay”

Following the news about the announcement that Mastercard will allow customers to pay with a selfie, Jay Floyd, Head of Fraud Strategy and Solutions EMEA at ACI Worldwide commented below on the rise of biometric payments which allows online shoppers to use fingerprints or selfies to verify their identities. Jay Floyd, Head of Fraud Strategy and Solutions […]

Insulin Pump Vulnerable To Hacking

Following the news that security researchers have found insulin pump are vulnerable to hacking, security experts from MWR Infosecurity and Veracode commented below.  Chris Day, Security Researcher at MWR Infosecurity: “As is increasingly reported in the news, it is typical to see embedded, IOT and medical devices entering the market with security weaknesses. There can be many reasons for this, but these […]

Do You Know How To Avoid Online Banking Trouble?


For years now, ESET Ireland has been reporting on various banking scams that have been plaguing Irish online banking users. Every week we see fraudulent mobile text messages, fake websites, redirected links and new varieties of spam emails claiming to come from the Bank of Ireland, AIB, Ulster Bank, etc., asking the user to “update their details”, […]

Johnson & Johnson Insulin Pump Could Be Hacked

Following the news about Pharmaceutical firm Johnson & Johnson that has warned one of its insulin pumps for diabetics is at risk of being hacked, causing an overdose. IT security experts from ESET, NSFOCUS, Tripwire and prpl Foundation discuss how medical suppliers can better secure their products. Mark James, Security Specialist at ESET: “Quite often the problem […]

Industrial Control Kit Hackable

Researchers have found multiple vulnerabilities in MOXA ioLogik industrial controllers which are widely used in industrial facilities such as utilities and manufacturing plants. Code injection, weak password policies and lack of protection mechanisms allow hackers to execute arbitrary code within webpages and modify settings of vulnerable devices. Mark James, Security Specialist at ESET commented below. […]

Kaspersky Lab And Citrix Accelerate Security And Performance Of Secure App And Data Delivery

Kaspersky Lab has been named partner of the month for August 2016 by Citrix Ready, a program that helps customers identify third-party solutions that are recommended to enhance virtualisation, networking and cloud computing solutions from Citrix. Bringing multi-layered security to the virtualised environment for the fourth consecutive year, Kaspersky Security for Virtualisation | Light Agent […]

“The Record Breaking Fine Imposed On TalkTalk Is Merely A Drop In The Ocean”

TalkTalk Falls Victim to Cyber Attack

Following the news that TalkTalk has been fined £400,000 for the theft of customer data, IT security experts from Zscaler and Anomali commented below. Chris Hodson, CISO EMEA at Zscaler: “The record breaking fine imposed on TalkTalk is merely a drop in the ocean. If the breach was to take place after GDPR had been enforced, the severity of […]