Threat Actors Master ‘False Flags’ Tactics To Deceive Victims And Security Teams

Targeted attackers are using an increasingly wide range of deception techniques to muddy the waters of attribution, planting ‘False Flag’ timestamps, language strings, malware, among other things, and operating under the cover of non-existent groups, according to a paper presented at Virus Bulletin by Kaspersky Lab security researchers Brian Bartholomew and Juan-Andres Guerrero-Sade. The identity […]

Three Key Steps To Securing Your Virtualized Infrastructure

Over the past few years many organizations have opted for virtual IT environments. A 2016 survey by Spiceworks reports that 76% of respondents have adopted server virtualization, and Gartner estimates that server virtualization rates in many organizations already exceed 75%. The reasons behind such strong adoption of virtualization is easy to understand: virtual environments are easy […]

Mac Malware Spies On You Via Webcam

There’s a newly discovered flaw in macOS (and OS X) that could let miscreants peep on you through your webcam. The flaw lets malware lurk in the background, waiting for you to make use of your built-in webcam, and then activate, recording both video and audio. IT security experts from Redscan, ESET and AlienVault commented below. Robert […]

Fast POS Smash & Grab Malware

Researchers have reported on smash and grab malware has been updated as a “FastPoS” point of sales hack app designed to steal credit card information more efficiently ahead of the holiday shopping, travel and entertainment season. Smrithi Konanur, global product manager, payments, web and mobile for HPE Security-Data Security commented below how retailers and all […]