Lloyds Launches Selfie Technology

Following the news about the Lloyds Banking Group has launched selfie technology to enable Bank of Scotland customers to open a current account seamlessly online. As the ID verification technology is web based customers can use a web browser on their smartphone or tablet to submit images. Cyber security experts from MIRACL, AlienVault, Lieberman Software, Redscan […]

New JavaScript Malware Shuts Down Your PC If You Terminate Its Process

Researchers from Kahu Security have come across a new malware variant, coded in JavaScript, which hijacks your browser’s homepage but will also shut down your computer if you detect the intrusion and attempt to terminate its process. Craig Young, Security Researcher at Tripwire commented below. Craig Young, Security Researcher at Tripwire: “A key take away […]

FastPOS Malware Updating Itself In Time For Christmas Shopping

Following the news that a smash and grab malware gang has updated its FastPoS point of sales hack app to plunder credit cards more efficiently ahead of the festive season. IT security experts commented below. Smrithi Konanur, Global Product Manager, Payments, Web And Mobile at HPE Security-Data Security: “Retail malware is typically designed to steal clear data in memory […]

Cash Machines Can Be Hacked To Steal Money

It was reported that Londoners are being warned to be careful when using cash machines after a spate of crimes involving malware-laden ATMs. Criminals have been hacking into cash machines to install malware that would then allow large amount of money to be stolen without needing to enter a card. If you are planning on covering this news, please see […]

Is The Cyber Security Industry Looking In The Wrong Place?

No matter where you may be in the world, the email attachment is the most common means by which criminals deliver malicious code into your IT estate, allowing them to steal vital information, hold your organisation to ransom or wreak havoc within your enterprise. The global trend is that ransomware in particular is on the […]

TV5 Hack Revelations

French TV network TV5Monde has revealed additional details about the cyber attack in April that took down all 12 of its channels. Using a series of targeted attacks, the hackers first breached the network on the 23rd of January and were able to remain there until an engineer discovered a corrupted machine and shut it down. The attack was […]

Trained Employees Are The Best Defense In The Cyber Security War

1 in 3 employees will sell company data for cash

Not long ago, the Department of Homeland Security directed extra attention to voter registration hacking threats. The recent news that the Arizona voter registration hack came from an email that looked like it was from an employee reignites the conversation on the importance of cyber security training, particularly among government agencies. This seemingly minor user misstep points to the detrimental […]

An Information Security Survival Guide: Five Strategies For Creating A Culture Of Security

Information security is viewed in some organizations as a function owned by a few individuals or one department. However, it is important to create a corporate culture that views information security as a shared responsibility among all employees. When data protection is prioritized and done well, it provides more disciplined operations, increased customer and stakeholder […]