Dropping Like Dominos

By now, you’ve all seen the headlines: Dropbox was breached well over four years ago and just now the true impact of that breach is coming to light: nearly 70 million accounts were impacted. That’s not a small number. But what’s even more interesting – and we’ve been warning companies about this for a while – is that this […]

Spotify Sending Malware-Infused Adverts To Users

Following the news about the Spotify that has been caught pushing malware-infested adverts out to users of its free desktop version? Initially thought to have only affected Windows 10 operating systems, the issue has subsequently been reported on othersincluding Ubuntu and MacOS, causing users to flood forums and Twitter with complaints. Rahul Kashyap, EVP and Chief […]

How Banks Are Keeping Ahead Of Criminals With Supercharged Graph Analytics

International finance has become hugely complex. The increased velocity of trading, the development of highly sophisticated instruments and the growth of stringent regulation has been matched by the demand for far more elaborate security, surveillance and reporting. Just as the nature of the financial world has become more complicated, the activities of criminals and fraudsters […]

Dozens Of NHS Hospitals Targeted By Cyber Blackmailers

Following the news about Dozens Of NHS Hospitals that Targeted By Cyber Blackmailers, Jonathan Mepsted, managing director UK at Netskope commented below.  Jonathan Mepsted, Managing Director UK at Netskope: “Given the NHS deadline to go paperless by 2020 and the resulting push towards a digital-first strategy, NHS Trusts will need to ensure the correct security controls are […]

Only 33 Percent Of Organizations Have Endpoint Security Strategy

London, UK. Tripwire, Inc., a leading global provider of security and compliance solutions for enterprises and industrial organizations, today announced the results of an extensive Tripwire study conducted by Dimensional Research. The study was carried out in August and evaluated key challenges that organizations must address in order to optimize their cyber security and compliance programs. […]

28 NHS Trusts In England Have Been Victims Of Ransomware In 12 Months

Following the news that 28 NHS trusts in England have been victims of ransomware incursions in the last 12 months, according to from a recent Freedom of Information request. Gordon Morrison, Director of Government Relations at Intel Security commented below. Gordon Morrison, Director of Government Relations at Intel Security: “Ransomware is proving a lucrative business – with the […]