Almost Three-Quarters Of Police Websites Lack A Secure Connection For Visitors, Deemed Insecure

Following the news about a large proportion of police websites lack any form of automatic secure connection, meaning potentially sensitive data is communicated in plain unencrypted text – according to research. Findings from non-profit body the Centre for Public Safety, revealed that 73% of websites accessed either lacked a secure connection for visitors or their implementation […]

Is Data Science the Key to Cybersecurity?

In many ways, fighting cybercrime is a lot like playing “Whack-A-Mole,” the ever popular arcade game. For every threat that is discovered and dealt with, a new one — or several new threats — pop up elsewhere. It’s an ongoing battle to try and stay one step ahead of cybercriminals and prevent them from doing […]

htp Gmbh In Hannover Chooses Real-Time Ddos Protection From Corero Network Security

Automated DDoS Defense unmasks previously ‘hidden’ DDoS attacks, prevents server outages and downtime and secures the entire infrastructure Marlborough, MA – htp GmbH, a leading regional service provider based in Hanover, Germany has selected the SmartWall® Threat Defense System (TDS) from the leading supplier of real-time DDoS attack mitigation technology, Corero Network Security (LSE: CNS). Across the industry, increasing numbers of […]

Fashion Retailer Vera Bradley Investigating Payment Card Security Breach

American high-end fashion retailer, Vera Bradley, revealed yesterday that it is investigating a payment card breach that may have affected cards used at the retailer’s stores between July 25, 2016 and Sept. 23, 2016. The company said law enforcement alerted them on Sept. 15, after which it enlisted help from a computer security firm. The findings show […]

Amazon Password Resets

Following the news about Amazon’s reported reset of customer passwords found online associated with other sites (but not with Amazon), IT security experts from Balabit, Prevoty, STEALTHbits and VASCO Data Security commented below. Péter Gyöngyösi, Product Manager of Blindspotter at Balabit: “What’s interesting in Amazon’s action is that it is probably one of the first cases when […]