Vera Bradley Payment Card Compromise

High-end fashion retailer, Vera Bradley, has reported that its point of sale system in its stores suffered a security breach, possibly compromising payment cards used to make purchases. IT security experts from Cryptzone and ESET commented below. Leo Taddeo, Chief Security Officer at Cryptzone: “Cybercriminals have an insatiable thirst for credit card data and they’ll stop at […]

Hackers Test Stolen Emails W/IoT Devices

Following the news about the Hackers Test Stolen Emails W/IoT Devices (stories The WSJ, PYMNTS, Krebs on Security), Rod Schultz, IT security experts from Rubicon Labs and STEALTHbits commented below. Rod Schultz, VP of Product at Rubicon Labs: “Experts may have known about vulnerabilities in the networking protocols that were exploited for over 10 years, but the world has understood the […]

6,000 Retail Sites Open To Card Skimming

A security researcher has found almost 6,000 online retailers with malicious code on their websites that is capable of stealing customer credit card information. Such attacks take advantage of known vulnerabilities in several web-based payment programs. The hackers are able to compromise the site and inject code that can skim card details. The blog post detailing the […]