Dyn DDoS Likely The Work Of ‘Script Kiddies’

The massive Mirai DDoS attack that knocked a slew of major websites offline last Friday (21 October) was most likely the work of amateur hackers, not a nation-state or cybercriminal organisation, security firm Flashpoint said. Mark James, Security Specialist at ESET commented below.  Mark James, Security Specialist at ESET: “DDoS and hacking are often used in the same […]

New Adobe Flash Patch Prevents Attackers From Remotely Taking Control Of Machine

Adobe Flash Player

A new Abobe Flash patch that has just been released, Amol Sarwate, Director of Vulnerability at Qualys commented below. Amol Sarwate, Director of Vulnerability at Qualys: “Adobe released APSB16-36 today to fix one 0-day vulnerability in Flash for a critical security flaw.  The release is an emergency fix after the vulnerability was discovered in a range of active attacks. All platforms including […]

New Technique That Amplifies DDoS Attacks


A new Zero-day distributed denial of service attack (DDoS) technique has been found in the wild that is able to amplify malicious traffic by as much as 55x. Ofer Maor, ‎Director of Security Strategy at Synopsys commented below. Ofer Maor, ‎Director of Security Strategy at Synopsys:  “This vulnerability is another example of how developers often […]

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month- Insights On Ransomware And How To Fight Back


Previously only available to nation-states, it’s no secret that ransomware is now affecting everyone from consumers to hospitals to enterprises. In honor of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, I have pulled together a comprehensive overview on the threat, based on my years of studying cyberwar—plus new findings from the Comodo Threat Research Labs. It’s time to […]