How Software Defined Storage Strengthens Data Protection

Date loss

In an age where data has become the lifeblood for business, data protection is the single most important factor for organisations no matter what sector they operate in. The onus is on them to keep sensitive data safe, but it isn’t as simple as they would like it to be. Traditional data protection is too […]

Injecting Security Into DevOps

DevOps is now being met by the OpsDev movement, which some say is just NetOps with SDN thrown in. But what of our old friend, security? SecDevOps (or is it DevSecOps) just doesn’t roll off the tongue like any of the aforementioned movements in automation and infrastructure-as-code. The cynic in me feels like this digital […]

Trending Mobile VPN Technologies That You Know Of

Conventional approaches to encrypting data-in-transit such as SSL and IPSec are designed for wired networks with fast speed and reliable connections. In a mobile wireless network (WAN) environment, where transmission of data is slow and connections are less consistent, traditional VPN performance is not up-to-mark, frequent application failure, reduced speeds, and data loss. What should […]

Saas Increasingly Trusted By SMBs For Security, Kaspersky Lab Report Shows

The latest research from Kaspersky Lab shows how small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) need to bridge the gap between smaller IT security budgets and less expertise to face the very real and growing threat of cyber-attacks. The study found that despite over half (54 per cent) of SMBs believing that their IT security will be […]

88% Of Employees Lack Awareness To Stop Cyber Risks

New Generation of Cyber Risks

The results of a new survey testing employee data privacy and cybersecurity knowledge reveal that 88% lack the awareness to stop preventable cyber incidents. Mark James, Security Specialist at ESET commented below. Mark James, Security Specialist at ESET: “We have heard for a very long time now that our weakest link in security is the […]

The Secops Gap: How It’s Threatening Security And What To Do About It

Every day, consumers and businesses alike share and expose more of themselves online. For hackers, the lure of this data and associated potential payday from exploiting it is often far too compelling to ignore. Cyberattacks in organizations continue to make headlines with startling frequency and devastating consequences. As a result, they’re bringing the topic of […]