Shadow IT And The Challenge Of Controlling The Cloud

“Shadow IT” sounds like something you might see in a thriller starring Matt Damon, but it’s a clear and present danger for IT pros. It refers to the practice of people throughout a company setting up their own IT services without consulting with the IT department. It’s easy to do, thanks to the “consumerization of […]

McAfee Labs Threats Predictions Preview Cyber Threats For 2017 And Beyond

businesses evade the ever increasing threat to their data security

Intel Security predictions provide insights for 2017 and future of cloud and Internet of Things security; poses six challenges industry must address  NEWS HIGHLIGHTS  McAfee Labs predicts 14 security developments for 2017 Identifies 11 cloud threats, three legal hurdles, and 10 vendor actions likely to occur in the next four years Makes 21 predictions regarding […]

National Lottery Accounts Feared Hacked

Following the news about 26,500 National Lottery accounts are feared to have been hacked, according to its operator Camelot. The firm said it did not believe its own systems had been compromised, but rather that the players’ login details had been stolen from elsewhere. IT security experts from ESET, AlienVault, Alert Logic, Positive Technologies, GBG, Tenable Network […]

Is Your Security Software Secure? Not So Much. One Reason? Vulnerable Open Source Components

New Flexera Software Vulnerability Update included 11 security products – many of which used open source components containing vulnerabilities Maidenhead, U.K.  With security software serving on the front line – protecting individuals and enterprises from hacker threat – it may come up as a surprise that between August and October of 2016 – 11 security […]

Mobile Devices Leave Organizations Dangerously Exposed To Cybercrime

Ovum report identifies mobile as an open door for cybercriminals to attack business systems  HALF MOON BAY, Calif. A new report, ‘On the Radar’, from leading research company Ovum shines a light on the extent of the mobile security problem affecting businesses of every size around the globe. It exposes the inadequate level of mobile device protection […]

Suspected Hackers Knock German Households Offline

Following the news that suspected hackers knocked German households offline over the weekend, IT security experts from Corero Network Security, NSFOCUS, Synopsys, Positive Technologies and SentinelOne commented below. Stephanie Weagle, Senior Director at Corero Network Security: “The cyber threat landscape has become extremely tumultuous and increasingly sophisticated. Attackers are taking advantage of security vulnerabilities in any and […]

Suspected DD0S Attack On Eir Email System Might Have Put 400,000 Users At Risk


Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack by hackers reported in Ireland, the country’s biggest telco said that its email system suffered a suspected attack. The attack is said to have put 400,000 of Eir users at risk, and customers with addresses reportedly began experiencing problems accessing their mail. Stephen Gates, Chief Research Intelligence Analyst at NSFOCUS commented below. Stephen […]

No. 1 Cyber Defense Firm Goes On The Hunt

The editors at Cybersecurity Ventures recently caught up with Eric Hipkins, Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at root9B, a rapidly expanding, publicly-traded cyber defense firm focused on advanced adversary pursuit — a.k.a. HUNT. Hipkins has served as CEO since May 2011. He has built a team of more than 50 tier-I Cyber Network Operators and Security Specialists, […]

Modern Day Espionage

When you think about the word “espionage,” what comes to mind?  Perhaps it’s Jason Bourne neutralizing a Russian-speaking adversary with bare knuckles and a chair? Maybe Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible with camera glasses, glue gloves, instant rubber mask machine and exploding chewing gum. While the CIA, former KGB, MI6 and other nation’s secret services […]

Japanese Military Of Defence Target Of Cyberattack

Following the news that Japanese Defence Ministry and Self-Defence Forces were the target of a cyberattack in September this year that may have compromised Japan’s internal military network. It remains unclear if the attack was was by a foreign nation state, or hackers outside state institutions. Mike Ahmadi, Global Director – Critical Security Systems at Synopsys commented […]