Cloudian Survey: Hybrid Cloud Storage Use To More Than Double In Next 12 Months

DLP Frameworks to the Cloud With New Reference Architecture

Hybrid cloud momentum builds as organisations balance benefits of public cloud with data governance priorities London, UK. The use of hybrid cloud storage will accelerate rapidly over the next 12 months, according to research published today by Cloudian, the leader in cloud-compatible object storage systems. Across 400 organisations surveyed in the UK and USA, 28% already use […]

BlackNurse DoS Attacks Can Bring Down Large Servers

Following the news that BlackNurse DoS Attacks Can Bring Down Large Servers Using a Single Laptop, Sean Newman, Director at Corero Network Security commented below. Sean Newman, Director at Corero Network Security: “Networking devices, which are not dedicated to DDoS protection, are always likely to be vulnerable to new attack vectors themselves, sooner or later – […]

Police Forces ‘Overwhelmed’

Recent watchdog report found that police forces across the UK are feeling ‘overwhelmed’ by digital evidence. Jeremy Nazarian, CMO at mobile forensics specialist Cellebrite, commented below.  Jeremy Nazarian, CMO at Cellebrite: “It is perhaps not surprising that some police forces are feeling “overwhelmed” by the volume of digital evidence being collected, causing “unacceptable delays” in basic tasks […]

Forcepoint™ Unveils 2017 Cybersecurity Predictions

The digital and the physical merge to create a tangled terrain  Austin.  Global cybersecurity leader Forcepoint™ today released its 2017 Cybersecurity Predictions Report. This year’s report examines the increasing convergence of the technological and the physical worlds and the long term implications of this new digital ecosystem on organizations and institutions worldwide. Cybersecurity experts from Forcepoint […]

5 Prerequisites For Trusting Security Automation

Addressing the trust factor in security orchestration and automation Any conversation about using automation in cybersecurity inevitably wanders into a discussion about trust. IT and security professionals simply have trouble “taking the leap” and trusting in software to manage tasks that have always relied upon personal experiences, years of training and in many cases, gut […]

For The Love Of Technology: A Private Affair


As we stand, in the first quarter of the 21st century, we have found ourselves in love with technology. So much in love that we rush out at the first chance of getting the latest technology, standing in queues overnight, just for a glimpse of the new iPhone or game. But, perhaps we are reaching […]

Compromise Of Adult Friend Finder

US Gov data breach

In relation to the compromise of the Adult Friend Finder website, David Emm, Principal Security Researcher at Kaspersky Lab commented below.  David Emm, Principal Security Researcher at Kaspersky Lab: “Online daters are going to feel a familiar lurch of fear when they hear about the compromise of the Adult Friend Finder website, just 16 months […]

Many Consumers Don’t Trust Biometrics For Their Black Friday Or Cyber Monday Shopping

76 percent of consumers surveyed by Computop, planned to shop online this holiday season, but consumers varied widely on which security authentication features they would consider setting up for online purchases. 35% of the respondents of this survey said they would set up fingerprint IDs, 12 percent selected retina scans, 7 percent chose voice recognition […]