The Black Friday Heist: Financial Phishing Increases During Holiday Season


The number of financial phishing attacks is expected to rise during the Holiday season, which starts unofficially on so-called Black Friday, and continues through Cyber Monday and Christmas. Retrospective research by Kaspersky Lab specialists shows that, over the last few years, the holiday period was marked by an increase in phishing and other types of attacks, which suggests […]

Investigatory Powers Bill Passed Giving Gov Spying Powers

The House of Lords has passed the Investigatory Powers Bill, putting the huge spying powers on their way to becoming law within weeks. The bill forces internet companies to keep records on their users for up to a year, and allows the Government to force companies to hack into or break things they’ve sold so they […]

Four Steps To Improve The 60:40 Odds Of Surviving A Data Breach

Look at the biggest data breaches of 2016 and a common theme emerges: pile it high, sell it cheap. The hacking stories of the year involved tens of millions of stolen user accounts from the likes of LinkedIn, Yahoo, Tumblr and Twitter. But when those stolen accounts appeared for sale on the Dark Web, they […]

Qualcomm Offers £12,000 In New Bug Bounty Program

Qualcomm has recently announced its new Vulnerability Rewards Program, where it is offering £12,000 ($15,000) to anyone able to spot bugs in its modems and processors. The news comes off the back of the DEF CON conference in August where four vulnerabilities were revealed for the company’s chipsets. Mike Ahmadi, Global Director – Critical Security Systems at […]

Facebook Spam Campaign Spreading Locky Ransomware And Nemucod Malware Installer

facebook and security

Following the news that there have been reports of a new Facebook scam detected by security researchers over the weekend, Fraser Kyne, EMEA CTO Bromium commented below. The campaign works by hijacking users’ Facebook accounts and then sending all their contacts an image file over Messenger, so can very easily snowball if even just a […]