German Telekom Investigating-Hackers Suspected As 900,000 Hit By Internet Outage

Following the news that  Hackers suspected as 900,000 hit by internet outage. Update: German Telekom is now looking into evidence of a hacker attack after 900,000 internet, phone and television clients were hit by a massive outage starting on Sunday and going into Monday. IT security experts from Synopsys Software Integrity Group, Rubicon Labs and Positive Technologies commented below. Mike Ahmadi, […]

GNU/Linux As An Alternative To Windows For A Small Business

In the following article, I present a real-world case scenario as an example for setting up a small business with Linux as a desktop solution. It is presented as a single illustration of a unique case, and Linux/open source deployments will of course vary based on the number of users, business need and security requirements. […]

Ransomware Hits San Francisco’s Transport – Passengers Ride For Free

San Francisco’s transport system was hit by a ransomware attack with hacker/hackers demanding a ransom of 100 bitcoins ($70,000, £56,000, €66,000). Following the attack, ticket machines shut down and passengers of the San Francisco Municipal Railway (MUNI) were allowed to ride for free, according to reports. IT security experts from Redscan, AlienVault, ESET, Intercede, Lieberman Software, NSFOCUS and Tripwire […]

ESET Introduces ESET Threat Intelligence, Early Warning Service For Enterprise Customers

Hidden Threats in Encrypted Mission-Critical

Starting today, ESET® will offer ESET Threat Intelligence, a service that predicts and proactively notifies customers of real-time threats targeting their businesses so they can be more flexible when adapting to a rapidly changing threat landscape. Additionally, the service is available for the security teams of Enterprise companies as well as Security Operations Centers to analyze specific malware and […]

Madison Square Garden Discloses Data Breach

Following the news that the Madison Square Garden Company that may have affected customers at five of its locations. The company, which operates the self-named arena in New York City along with other iconic locations including Radio City Music Hall and the Chicago Theater, believes that cyber criminals tapped into its payment system between Nov […]

Seven In Ten Would Reduce Internet Use As A Result Of ‘Snoopers Charter’

IT Ops Teams’ Biggest Challenge

7 out of 10 people would possibly or definitely use the internet less if their activity was monitored by the government ( UN privacy chief criticizes Investigatory Powers Bill Snooper’s Charter on track to become law by end of 2016, despite 93.8% of population disagreeing with its principles As the Investigatory Powers Bill (IPB), or […]

Smartphone App Flaw Leaves Tesla Vehicles Vulnerable To Theft

Outdated Security is Making Car Theft Simple

Following the news that a smartphone app flaw has left Tesla Vehicles vulnerable to being tracked, located, unlocked and stolen, John Smith, Principal Solutions Architect at Veracode commented below. John Smith, Principal Solutions Architect at Veracode: “With Tesla just recently remediating a vulnerability which allowed the car to be exploited remotely, this new security flaw leaves the car vulnerable to […]

European Commission Was Knocked Offline By A ‘Large Scale’ DDoS Attack

62% Increase in DDoS attacks

Following the news that the European Commission was knocked offline by a ‘large scale’ DDoS attack, IT security experts from Corero Network Security and NSFOCUS commented below. Sean Newman, Director at Corero Network Security: “There’s no denying the pandemic levels that DDoS attacks are reaching – overall, attacks are still on the increase and the largest attacks […]

Hackers Selling Phishing Kits On YouTube


Security researchers at Proofpoint have uncovered cybercrooks advertising and distributing phishing kits, that come with how-to videos and links to additional information, to wannabe hackers via YouTube. The catch however is that the advertised kits come with a secret backdoor that sends all the phished data back to the author. IT security experts from Redscan and AlienVault commented below. Leon […]

Madison Square Garden Discloses Data Breach


The Madison Square Garden Company has disclosed a data breach that may have affected customers at five of its locations. The company, which operates the self-named arena in New York City, along with Radio City Music Hall, Beacon Theater and Chicago Theater among others, believes that cyber criminals have tapped into its payment system between Nov 2015 […]