2017 IT Security Predictions

In 2017, attackers will continue to exploit humans to install malware, transfer funds, and steal information, with significant changes in techniques and behavior across the three main vectors that target people: email, social media, and mobile apps. Advanced threats will turn down the volume In 2016, every week seemed to see a new, unprecedented height […]

IFINSEC Financial Sector IT Security Conference And Exhibition

IFINSEC Financial Sector IT Security Conference and Exhibition  will be held on 14-15 November 2017 in Istanbul, Turkey. IFINSEC is a global, niche and dedicated conference focusing on IT Security technologies and solutions for financial sector. IFINSEC is one of the most important conferences in EMEA region on IT Security technologies and solutions for financial […]

International Investigators Managed To Shut Down The Notorious Avalanche Botnet

Avalanche’s botnet infrastructure has been used to distribute plenty of computer viruses, from online banking Trojans to infamous Crypt0L0cker ransomware virus. As a part of international investigation, arrest warrants were issued against 16 cyber criminals and the biggest part of the botnet infrastructure was switched off. On Wednesday, December the 1st a team of international […]

TalkTalk And Post Office Routers Hit By Cyber-Attack

TalkTalk Falls Victim to Cyber Attack

BBC broke the news that thousands of TalkTalk and Post Office customers had their internet access cut by an attack on certain routers.IT security experts from NSFOCUS, Synopsys, Tenable Network Security, Varonis, NuData Security and Corero Network Security commented below. Stephen Gates, Chief Research Intelligence Analyst at NSFOCUS: “The upsurge of commercial, industrial, and municipal IoT-based attacks […]

New Twist On Old Banking Malware

Researchers have found that hackers have revived an old banking scam known as Operation Elemental and have now added a new twist that allows hackers to lock and reset phone passwords. It also offers a  fake token generator that tricks the victim into setting up a secure connection with their bank. Now the banking malware intercepts incoming […]

Europol Secret Data Found Online Story

In a Dutch programme set to screened, it has been revealed that 700-pages of secret intelligence documents were stored and viewable on a hard drive that was linked to the web.  The disk was able to be accessed online without a password. Mark Hickman, COO at WinMagic commented below, who believes it highlights just how […]