Indian Police Success Story: Fight Against A Crime By Reporting It

Indian IT

Kaspersky Lab welcomes the announcement by the Indian Police (Cyber Crime Investigation Cell, CID, West Bengal) of significant progress in its investigation into a phone scam operation that is estimated to have cost victims millions of pounds. The scam, which involved people being called by fraudulent technical support staff, was uncovered in 2012 by a […]

Yahoo Breached Again! 1 Billion Accounts Affected

Following the news of yet another Yahoo hack, which, this time, has leaked around one billion user accounts,  cybersecurity experts from ESET, NSFOCUS,, AlienVault, Veracode, Barracuda Networks, Bitglass, Digital Guardian, Intercede, Alert Logic, Delphix, Post-Quantum, CFC Underwriting, Varonis and eSentire commented below. Mark James, IT Security Specialist at ESET: “Yahoo has announced overnight that yet another breach has […]

Amazon Drones First Flight

Europe launches cyber-Seurity

Following the news that Amazon has successfully completed its first Prime Air drone delivery, Colin Bull, Principal Consultant Manufacturing and Product Development at SQS commented below.  Colin Bull, Principal Consultant Manufacturing and Product Development at SQS:  “With today’s news that Amazon has claimed its first successful Prime Air drone delivery, what was once thought of as a fun […]

The Impending Threat Of Drones On National Security

The Use of Drones

Only a few short years ago ‘drones’ were thought to be a phenomenon dreamt up in the latest sci-fi film or the latest military surveillance tech. Who would have thought drones would soon be filling the UK’s skies. Consumers can now expect faster deliveries to their doorstep than ever before, following Amazon’s announcement to be […]

Ukrainian Banks Targeted By BlackEnergy Power Plant Hackers

The same hackers who turned out the lights at Ukrainian utilities last December have been running attacks against the same country’s banks over recent months according to ESET. Tim Erlin, Sr. Director, Product Management at Tripwire commented below. Tim Erlin, Sr. Director, Product Management at Tripwire: “While the analysis states that this malware campaign has targeted […]

“What Trump’s Presidency Means For Online Privacy”

The world is still reverberating from the stunning victory of Republican candidate Donald Trump in the US Presidential election. Having started off as a joke figure and throughout the campaign been derided in the media for his performance, he claimed a remarkable victory earlier this month. His victory has left many media outlets rushing to […]