Avast Unveils Top Ten Apps Draining Your Android Phone

Snapchat, Facebook, musical.ly, and Tinder among top gobblers of battery, storage and data  London, UK. What do Tinder, Snapchat, Spotify, and Wattpad all have in common? Avast, the leader in digital security products for consumers and businesses, found they are all top performance drainers on Android phones when run by users, according to the Avast Android App Performance […]

Preparing For A Year Of Unknown, Unknowns In Cyber Security

Today’s threat landscape is constantly evolving. In 2016 in particular, we’ve seen a huge shift with adversaries penetrating organisations from the DNC to WADA and gaining access to sensitive documents that were later leaked to embarrass individuals. Yet, while many believe that this trend starts and ends with a contentious election, it’s not something that’s […]

2017 Data Security Predictions – Alfresco Software

CISOs will shift more investment toward granularly identifying information vs. parametric measures: Depending on your business, digital information on average is doubling every three to nine months. The knee-jerk reaction to burgeoning data is to protect all that ‘stuff’: contain it behind hyper secure firewalls, deploy DLP (data loss prevention/protection) technologies at the parameter and key core […]

Positive Technologies Advises ATM Industry On Serious Vulnerability In Security Software

Zero-Day in Intel Security Solidcore could allow attackers to successfully penetrate banks with customized malware London (UK). Intel Security has given credit to specialists at cyber security company Positive Technologies, for detecting a serious vulnerability in its Solidcore ATM protection product, which is covered in a recent security bulletin. The zero-day vulnerability, CVE-2016-8009, was found during […]